Monday 26 January 2009

25th of the month

Some of you asked what is so special about the 25th of the month in the scrapbooking world. Well since last April, a lot of scrappers have been taken pictures each day all day on the 25th and scrapping them. It is kind of like a photographic diary of one day a month. This was set up by Shimelle from Scrapbook Inspirations. She has a lovely blog, if you would like to visit it.
So here are my pics of the day. I can't put them in the right order as they keep moving,so they start with the evening and work backwards. Best to scroll to the bottom and work upwards. We didn't do alot yesterday as the weather was really pants. In the morning I did the ironing whilst my parents entertained my kids. The we went to the garden centres in the afternoon to buy some goodies. My favourite photo is of the cat staring at my dad, not impressed that my dad is sitting in his chair. He sat there for nearly an hour just staring at him!
Get the hell out of my chair!
Roast dinner , yum, yum! My goodies, notebook 99p, scrapbooking letters and brads each 90P and a lovely pink dish.
I love my bamboo plants, I now have three and I definitely believe they bring good luck.Ouch!
I wanted to buy this for my mum to give to my dad!
Anyone for tea!
The girlies chanted,'Not another garden centre.'
I want one of these clocks!

I will be in control of the television!

Shopping by internet, love it!
As you can guess, I haven't put every photo on there,as I took at least fifty. There just a selection of my day, which I will show you scrapped when I get round to scrapping them.
Tomorrow I hope to be reviewing Dear Fatty, which I have 40 pages left to read. So see you tomorrow.


  1. What a great post. I love those clocks too-they are so unique. I'm also a cup collector. It's bad, there isn't even any room any more for the cups I've bought but I can't help it when I see a cool one I have to buy it. lol. ps-great pic of you too!

    Have a great day!

  2. nice photos :O)
    I like bamboo plants too.
    Oh my gosh, 90210! I still watch it on the Soap Network.

  3. Vivienne -- You don't find the spelling of your name very often. This is the way my neighbor spells it & she's a writer & a teacher, though retired due to illness but a brilliant person. Enough! I love your blog --so colorful, homey and delightful. Thanks for sharing!


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