Tuesday 13 January 2009

Chunkster Challenge

I can hear you all now - is she really doing another challenge? When does she have time? Well like my last one this is a crossover one, so the books I read are not specific to this challenge.

I read such hefty books anyway, I thought that I might as well do this one.

Here are the rules:

*A chunkster is 450 pages or more of ADULT literature (fiction or nonfiction) Don't complain folks, I read all thousands of pages of the Twilight series and they were good, but not a challenge. A chunkster should be a challenge.
*If you read large type books your book will need to be 525 pages or more I asked around and the average LT book is 10-15% longer or more so I think that was a fair estimate.
*No Audio books in the chunkster. It just doesn't seem right. Words on paper for this one folks.
* You may start any time after signing up. You must complete your reads before or on Nov 15th.
*Short Stories and Essay collections will not be counted.
*Books may crossover with other challenges (see option 4 for a collaborative effort with TBR challenge)
*Only option 4 requires that you make a set list of books to complete the challenge
Those are the basics. Here are your options:
*The Chubby Chunkster - this option is for the reader who has a large tome or two to read, but really doesn't want to commit to more than that. 2 books is all you need to finish this challenge.
*Do These Books Make my Butt Look Big? - this option is for the slightly heavier reader who wants to commit to 3-5 Chunksters over the next ten months.
*Mor-book-ly Obese - This is for the truly out of control chunkster. For this level of challenge you must commit to 6 or more chunksters OR three tomes of 750 pages or more. You know you want to.....go on and give in to your cravings.

And lastly, in an intriguing collaboration with the wildly popular Miz B of
the TBR Challenge we have:
*Too Big To Ignore Anymore - this option is for those chunksters on your TBR list. You may select any number of books over 450 pages but you must LIST THEM to complete the challenge and they must be on your TBR list as well (honor code folk, I don't have time to be the challenge police)

If you click on the picture at the top, it will take you right into the page where you need to sign up.

I have decided to go for the Do these books make my butt look big - 3 to 5 chunksters in the next ten months easy.

I will set up a link to mine once I finish the first one that I am reading which is American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Wish me luck.

P.S Jo, I promise to do some scrapping before the end of the week.

P.P.S I am on the lookout for any competitions open to Brits to win books. Lots of American bloggers have access to loads, but unfortunately we can't enter them. So, if you see any let me know.


  1. Yeah I'll be skipping this one - I read almost entirely young adult books these days! :P

  2. happy reading :)
    i'll let you know if I see any book contests that ship worldwide.

  3. I joined this one too. It'll be fun. Check back on my blog on Thursday. I'll be posting a giveaway and I've been trying to leave mine open worldwide as I have a few readers from further away. The only time I won't will probably be hardcovers as they are expensive to send. Anyhow, do you check win a book everyday. They usually let you known if it's worldwide or not.

  4. Thank you Viv I'm famous. I have finished Dear Fatty and found it so full of humor I laughed for hours. Tena lady should pay Dawn French some commision if you know what I mean.
    I think your hands are pretty full with all your challenges at the mo to worry about Scrapping challenges. Keep going.

  5. Hi there, here's the link for Win a Book.

  6. I thought about joining this one, but I decided two challenges is enough for me this year. Good luck!


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