Saturday 24 January 2009

Mama Mia

Am I the last person on the planet to actually watch Mama Mia. I think I possibly am. I honestly didn't get caught up with all the hype, when it came out. It is very rare for me to get caught up in a film's hype, so I am usually the last one to see it. (With one exception - Twilight - my friend and I were there, for the first day's showing with over 200 teenagers - boy did we regret that decision, but we were desperate!)
Anyway, I digress, Mama Mia appealled to me with all its upbeat hippy Abba songs. I have always loved Dancing Queen as it was one of the songs played at my wedding. So, nearly a year after it came out, I finally watched it, courtesy of my mother (I can't believe she saw it before me!).

Well did I enjoy it, I hear you ask!

I am not sure to be honest. It was a nice story line, full of fabulous actors and actresses, the songs were great and they must have had a real hoot making it. Unfortunately, I found that the continuous singing started to grate on me. I almost felt it was too overloaded with songs, as they seemed to sing every two minutes. Now I love the old musicals, give me Grease anyday and even Meet Me In St Louis. I can see why people loved it and for kids it was fantastic, but I would have prefered a teeny bit less singing in it. It ruined my image of Pierce Brosnan as he really looked like he was straining to sing. Though Meryl Streep can really belt a song out.

My husband seemed to enjoy it and then spent the rest of the evening singing to me rather than talking! Luckily, he can sing, but I know I wasn't going to reply in verse as my singing would get me in with the duds for X Factor.

So finally after being told to watch this film over a thousand times, I have done it.

I wonder what the next big hype film will be this year. Any guesses anyone?

Also let me know what your favourite musical is?


  1. I felt the same way - it seemed silly to want a musical to have less singing, but I did.

    My favorite musical is probably Phantom of the Opera. I also really like My Fair Lady.

  2. I loved Mama Mia and have seen it about 3times and now own the DVD. In fact we all know the songs in this house and often dance whilst it is on. The musical I like the best though is The Lion King which I saw a few years ago in London wow wow wow blew my mind. Phantom is good as well but Lion King is the best xx

  3. My Fair Lady and Mary Poppins are my faves...oh, and Sound of Music, too!

  4. I haven't seen Mamma Mia. I have no interest in seeing it either. I like musicals but to me this film actually looks terrible.

    My favourite musical? Wizard of Oz. Or West Side Story. Grease is up there...

  5. I enjoyed it. I went to see it not so much for the hype, but for the nostalgia. It was also just silly and fun. I agree on Pierce Brosnan!

  6. glad you liked it, I havent seen it yet. I do like Abba songs :o)
    I have a few fav musicals, well, the film versions though: Phantom of the Opera, Chicago, Mary Poppins, Moulin Rouge and West Side Story.


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