Monday 19 January 2009

Saturday's scrapping!

On Saturday I went to a scrap day at our local school. I really enjoyed myself and thought I would share some photos with you. Firstly I will show you the things I made. Fiona who organises the scrap day, arranged a class for us and we learnt how to make these cards, which fold inside. The photo is really a good one so you can't see how it folds properly.

During the day, I worked on finished my Christmas journal, as I never got to finish it in December. For the journal, which was a class run by Shimelle, from Scrapbook Inspirations, we had to produce a scrap page a day, using the prompts she provided. This is my 21st of December.
Below is my 22nd December, which deals with my to do list which I had left to do before Christmas day.
This is my page for the 23rd, which isn't finished. It shows a picture from our traditional evening walk around our village to see all the Christmas lights.This picture show everyone at the scrapday. There were 12 of us all together.
Here is the deputy head of the school, who has just started scrapbooking. She is showing her first page. She managed to produce more pages than any of us.

Here is Elizabeth, showing the beautiful box she made for her sister-in-laws birthday. The photo really doesn't do it justice, as it was fantastic.

Sharon has only recently taken up scrapbooking and spent an emjoyable day making some lovely cards.

Here is Fiona, who organises the scrap day and who I have to say runs it very well.

So that was how I spent Saturday. How did you spend yours?


  1. With you luckily no photos of me this time phew. xx

  2. Jo, the photo I took of you wasn't very clear. So you are lucky this time!

  3. very nice scrapbooking, it looks like a fun time. I like that cupcake card.

    I stood home this saturday, it was about 4 degree outside, so it was best to stay indoors :)


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