Thursday 15 January 2009

Scrapbooking event

Last night I went to a Craft Ed party, which is a bit like a Creative Memories party only the scrapbooking products cover a wider range of suppliers and they are definitely cheaper. A friend of ours, Liz was the party leader and for her first time, she did a fabulous job at organising us and explaining new techniques.
We all learnt how to make a mini star scrapbook, which was a lot easier than I thought it would be. We all had a really enjoyable evening, came away with a lovely make your own pressie and spent lots of money on new scrapbooking essentials. The pictures below show what a wonderful evening was had by all.
In the first picture, Sharon, on the left was introduced to the joys of scrapbooking. There is nothing like seeing a new convert. The lady next to her, Jane, had always said she would never do any scrapbooking, ever. Yet here we see her, making her scrapbook!

Fiona, who is standing, was our hostess for the evening. Thank you again Fiona, for a lovely party.

Elizabeth, Anne and Elaine not listening to our leader!

Liz, our party leader who went to such a great effort to make the evening an enjoyable one.

Here I am, with my mini star scrapbook.
Here is Jo, with her mini star scrapbook.
Also, just to let my other Weightwatchers buddies know, I lost 4 1/2 pounds on my first week's weigh in. Yay me!
Do come back tomorrow, as I will be reviewing the book 'Ancestor Stones' by Aminatta Forna.
Also do pop over to Dar's blog 'Peeking through the Pages' (clink on the blog name and it will take you straight there) for a great book giveaway, open to us Brits.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.


  1. Great post! Looks like the scrapbook get together was so much fun. I love the star scrapbook-how pretty.

    Awesome on your WW weigh in and congrats on the weight loss-that is just great! I've decided that tomorrow is going to be my official start because I forgot to weigh myself this morning although I will watching very closely what I eat today.

    Thanks for linking back to my giveaway and Good Luck!

  2. Ha - thanks for putting those up, Viv! Naturally, I hate the photo of me. I enjoyed it too. Congratulations on your weight loss! I'm hoping to follow in your foot steps and lose a bit when I weigh myself on Monday morning!

  3. Thanks for that phot Viv, I never take a good picture. What a fab time we had though didn't we it was great and Liz was brilliant.
    Well done on the weight at least that glass of wine and those nibbles didn't effect you too musch. Well done. Did you want to borrow "Dear Fatty"?


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