Monday 12 January 2009

This week in photos

I have been joining with the photo a day challenge mentioned in Scrapbook Inspirations and rather than give you one photo each day, I thought I would round them up into one post every week.

So here are this weeks photo a day.
6th JAN - a picture of our rabbit, who has taken residency indoors this week, due to the freezing temperatures. I really didn't want a dead rabbit on my hands, so he has moved in until the weather improves.
7th JAN - my poinsetta, which is still alive, just anyway as my cat keeps trying to eat it. I took this picture to disprove my mother who says I always kill poinsettas. Little does she know, they thrive on neglect!
8th JAN - this is to show you how cold it is. There is no snow, but permanent frost all day. It just doesn't go away! Where is my snow?
9th JAN - This is our new artwall. I decided it was about time the girls had a dedicated place to put their artwork, as it ends up everywhere, so here it is. They got fashion design kits for Christmas, so they are enjoying designing clothes at the moment.
10th JAN - This is our cat, oh gorgeous one, snuggled in his basket, next to the radiator, keeping warm. Gorgeous in not daft.
11th JAN - Our candles lit on the fireplace, to make it seem warmer than it actually is.
I haven't taken today's yet, so I will round that up to next Mondays.
I am pleased to say today, it is not as cold, but we now have what seems like torrential rain! Same old, same old, aye!


  1. Your snow is at my house! It has been snowing all day long and doesn't look like it's planning on quitting any time soon.

    I love all your pics. Your cat is gorgeous and too cute about the rabbit. I wouldn't leave him to freeze either.

    The artwall is an awesome idea and the candles look just plain inviting.

    As for WW, I'm going to change the date of my weigh in. It was supposed to be Mondays but I don't like Mondays so I have yet to decide on a day. I think it'll be great to encourage each other.

  2. awwww...sweet pics, fun idea for the art wall. I have my kids art hug up mostly in the kitchen, but it does migrate and some of their drawings are on my bedroom walls
    Its freezing here, we are expecting it to get below zero in the next few days.
    cute kitty and rabbit!


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