Wednesday 18 February 2009

City Of Bones by Cassandra Clare

The Mortal Instruments Series Book 1 - City Of Bones by Cassandra Clare
Pages 442
Challenges - 100+, Young Adult, New Author and A to Z Author.
If you are a big fan of Bella and Edward and read the Twilight books in a matter of days, then this book is definitely for you.
I was lucky enough to be lent this book by Alison, who I am beginning to realise has very similar book tastes to me. She said this book was good and my god she was right.
The book starts in a nightclub in New York, where we meet the main character Clary Fray, a very ordinary teenager. Until she starts seeing things that others cannot. First she witnesses three teenagers stab a boy to death in the nightclub and then watches him disappear into thin air. Then she finds a nasty monster lurking in her apartment and her mothers disappears. At this point, she is seriously wondering what is going on.
Clary has discovered an invisible war to us mundanes (mere humans) between ancient demonic forces and the secretive Shadowhunters. This is a war in which she is intricately involved, but up to that point she had no idea.
You are probably wondering what a Shadowhunter is so I will tell you. A thousand years ago, the Angel Raziel mixed his blood with the blood of men and created the race of the Nephilim. Human-angel hybrids, they walk among us, unseen but ever-present, our invisible protectors. They are known as Shadowhunters.
In the story, Clary falls hopelessly in love with Jace, a gorgeous blonde Shadowhunter, who has fallen for her too, but true love never runs smooth and that is all I will say on the matter.
Clary is desperate to find her mother and risks her life and the lives of the Shadowhunters in order to find her. There are a lot of shocks and surprises along her journey, which I believe made her a much stonger character.
The book is completely action packed, right from the first page, you are plunged into this fast paced drama. I absolutely loved it and felt quite upset when I had finished it. It is one of those books that stays with you for quite a long while after you have read it.
The good news is that this book is part of the Mortal Instruments trilogy. The second part, City of Ashes is available now and the third part, City of Glass comes out in March in America and July in England.
If that isn't enough to quench my thirst for these books, Cassandra Clare is writing a prequel trilogy to these books set 150 years before in Victorian England, with one character appearing in all the books.
Also, there is also talk about it being made into a movie too.
I am really excited, as I loved the Twilight series, this is the nearest thing I have read that has grabbed me in the same way.
I have attached a couple of links to Cassandra Clare's website and the Mortal Instruments website, so if you want to read more about them do go and have a look.
A big thank you to Alison, as I would never have known about this series of books, if she had not lent it to me.
I really do recommend you read this, especially if you loved Twilight. I absolutely loved it and will definitely be reading the rest.


  1. This really sounds like my kind of book too. Great review by the way. I'm going to check if my library has this series or not.

  2. SOLD! I'm adding it to my 999 Paranormal Reading Challenge.

  3. Just had a email back from Cassandra Clare - how exciting!

  4. Hey that's awesome--how exciting for you. YOu did write a great review.

  5. sounds very good, great review! how cool that the author emailed you.
    I am a big fan of Twilight.

  6. This one sounds really good and I'm adding it to my wishlist! Thanks for the review!


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