Tuesday 24 February 2009

Waltham Abbey tour

As you know, I have been travelling back and forth to Essex recently. Whilst I was there I decided to take some pictures of Waltham Abbey, the town I grew up in. So here is a whistle stop tour of the church I got married in and the grounds.
A mosaic marks the position of the Meridian Line (0 degrees longitude) as it passes through the grounds of the Lee Valley Park Information Centre
The church from the Lee Valley grounds.

Wood sculpture of a cowled monk in the Abbey gardens. It is actually called Ancestor and was placed in the grounds in 1992.

River Lea running through the Abbey grounds.

The Abbey church from the front. This was where I got married many years ago. This is the fourth church to be built on this site and is said to be the place where King Harold was buried.

Inside the church, the altar and the stained glass windows.

The paintings on the roof of the church depicting the signs of the zodiac.

Philpotts tea rooms, where I worked as a waitress in my early teens.

Waltham Abbey High Street.

I hope you liked my little tour of Waltham Abbey church and grounds. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Love the pic and tour! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. What a beautiful church to have been married in.

    Though, if I came across that cowled monk in the dark on my own it would give me nightmares forever!

  3. I LOVE your tour! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos!

    --And now comes the moment of truth...will "they" allow me to publish my comment? Yesterday, I tried and tried with no luck.

  4. thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures!
    the church looks so beautiful!

  5. I loved the tour-thanks so much! What a beautiful place to be married. I'd sure love to visit one day.


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