Monday 2 March 2009

Egyptian Scrapping!

After speaking to a couple of my scrapping friends on the weekend, they mentioned that they liked my blog, but that it was lacking in scrapping pictures, so for my scrapping viewers I will try and produce a more balanced blog!
Here is a scrap page, I managed to produce last week, which produced a moment of panic for me as I wasn't quite sure how to produce that old paper look. Luckily another Serendipity blogger helped me out on UK Scrappers and I found myself covering my newly printed title with a soggy old teabag! The results were marvelous. The girls recently had an Egyptian day at school, so attempted to reproduce the ancient look.

On Saturday, I attended my local scrap club, which allows me to scrap all day.
Here a few pictures of my fellow scrappers. On the day, I managed to catch up on my 25th of the month album, which shows pictures for the 25th of each month, going back to April last year. I was so behind in this album, but I did work hard on Saturday to catch up with it. I have a few minor details to finish on the album and once I have finished those I will share some of the pages with you.
We all had a good day scrapping and once again I would like to thank Fiona for organising the day.


  1. Wow thank god no pictures of me I must have been hiding. It was a great day Saturday really enjoyed it and love the lo well done.

  2. Ooh.. I love seeing the photos of actual scrap work you've done! Definately more of that!

  3. Oh my, your layout is gorgeous! And your girls are absolutely precious!!! Can't wait to see more layouts. :)

  4. wow, beautiful scrapbooking projects.
    it does sound like you had fun. your girls are too cute!

  5. Love the pics! I'm really enjoying this. LOL


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