Saturday 21 March 2009

Mix and match

I wonder whether we are the only family in England to try this, somehow I doubt it very much.
Walkers Crisps have brought a new range of crisps with unusual flavours and the company are asking people to vote for their favourite ones. I couldn't resist buying them and getting the whole family to test them.
I wonder why I bothered though, because we all agreed that they were not very nice. The Builders Breakfast ones had the taste and smell of egg sandwiches that had been sitting in the warm all day - absolutely vile. I actually didn't mind the Cajun Squirrel and the Chilli and Chocolate ones. The Chilli and Chocolate ones had an instant taste of chocolate which changed into a chilli taste - quite bizarre. None of the flavours were really strong and to be honest we were quite disappointed, so it would not be a challenge I would recommend to others.
Before buying the crisps, I went for my weigh in and I am pleased to announce I have now lost 10% of my body weight since starting at Christmas. I got this lovely keyring in the shape of a 10 which I have put on my car key in order for me to stop losing them. I have a habit for losing things!
I am really sorry this picture isn't very clear, but I wanted to show you my die cut chipboard shapes. They are all white, which allows me to cover them with scrap paper and each one was only 99p - bargains galore! Just apologies for the photo.I haven't been into any of the charity shops to find any books as I have had so many lent to me and I am trying to complete my library challenge too. However, I couldn't resist these two books. I knew nothing about them and was completely attracted by the names and the covers. Do you ever buy books this way? Just because you like the title or the covers?
Once I got the books home, I realised that The Seventh Gate is a follow up to another book. As they both deal with the Kabbalah, I will try and get the first one too, as their whole belief system is of interest to me.
Here are my Library Loot books that I also picked up today. Now a lot of my American readers may be very familiar with these books as many of them came out in America up to ten years ago. However, most of these books have only recently been released here, so I am eager to catch up on all these paranormal books that I feel I have missed out on. After speaking to my favourite zany librarian ,I discovered that two companies bought all these sets of books and rather than releasing them in order, they released them all at the same time, so us poor Brits haven't a clue where to start. Luckily my librarian friend recommended the website Fantastic Fiction to help me decipher where to start. She also ordered a load of books for me that she thought I would like, free of charge.

That's me for today, I hope you all have a great Saturday and that the weather stays nice for you. See you tomorrow for Sunday Salon.


  1. Congratulations on the weight loss - that is some achievement. Dieting is the hardest thing. Pretty keyring, too.

    I have definately bought books because of their covers before, and I've had some lovely surprises as a result. Three that come to mind off the top of my head. I was about to start waffling here, but JUST FOR YOU I shall do it properly on my blog. Mwah.

    The crisps. I've not tried them. But Meg did an science 'experiment' at school this week where they all had to taste them and then vote and make charts and graphs and what have you. She tells me that Crispy Duck and Hoi Sin Sauce are the best.

  2. Congrats on the weight loss. I've picked up lots of books because I was attracted to the cover. I might not have gotten all of them but at least I read the cover to see if I was interested. Have a great weekend!

  3. Congrats on the weight loss! I'm not sure if those crisps are available where I live, but I sure love to munch on them. :)

    Enjoy your books!

  4. Congrats on the weight loss-that's just awesome!

    The crisps-I'm not thinking so. The names don't even appeal to me. lol. I think I'll stick with my old favorite-salt & vinegar.

    Books-I definitely pick books up because of the title or cover. Then I'll read what they're about though first before I take them otherwise I'd never get them all home. Looks like you have some good picks there though.

    Happy Saturday.

  5. Chilli and Chocolate?!? I wouldn't eat that if they paid me :P I hate anything spicy, and the idea of chocolate-flavoured crisps is just...bizarre. And Builders Breakfast...ew. Not a wise move for Walkers by the sound of it :P

    Congrats on the weight loss!

  6. Nah, you're not the only one to try the new crisps. A friend of mine over at livejournal reviewed the whole range of them. She had a similar opinion of Builder's Breakfast, btw. :)

  7. congrats on the weight loss! thats great.

    enjoy your reading, i've heard good things about jr ward.

    about those chips...the chili and chocolate does sound odd. I tasted chilichocolate before and didnt enjoy it. And it takes alot for me not to enjoy a bar of chocolate lol.


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