Saturday 14 March 2009

Sometimes you have to just sit back and take it easy.

From day to day, we rush around, constantly crossing off and updating our list of never ending jobs we need to do. We all get tired, irritable and run down by normal every day life. So once in a while, it doesn't hurt to take a break from the norm and do the unexpected. Yesterday morning, hubby and I did just that and went for breakfast down by the beach. I have one of those hubbies who is very spontaneous and likes to live for the moment. He never lets things get him down and always enjoys life to the full. He is like my own personal spirit lifter! Out of the blue, yesterday, he said shall we go out for breakfast? I am not one to say no, when food is concerned, I think it has something to do with being born in the year of the pig.

So we dropped the kids off at school and popped down to my favourite place to eat, the Sea Lane cafe. I don't think I have ever mentioned that I live by the sea, but I do. In fact, I often forget why we moved down here and then suddenly remember that it was to be by the sea.

We sat in the cafe, watching the tide slowly come in, the sea really quite calm and a feeling of tranquility came over me. It reminded me that what ever goes on in our lives, the tides will keep on turning and the birds will keep on singing, so learn to enjoy the finer details of life. So just for today, I shall lead by example and ask you to kindly follow my lead.

Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Leave your problems behind and sit awhile and watch the world go by. The world will go on turning, the sun will keep on rising and setting. Take a moment to enjoy what the world has to offer.
Spend time with your loved ones and really talk to them. Remember what made you love them in the first place.

Smile often and people will smile with you. I find smiling to be infectious and has often got me out of very tricky situations.

Enjoy what each day has got to offer, because their is always happiness there, you just have to open you eyes and look for it.

Enjoy good food and good company.

Don't just exist, live for the day. Or put a better way, carpe diem - seize the day ( it's popular transalation, though the general definition of carpe is pick, pluck, pluck off and gather. Prefer the popular version myself!)

So if you have woken up in a bad mood, or your problems are getting the better of you, or you just don't feel happy. Look out the window, enjoy the natural wonders and get up and do something different from the norm. Go out somewhere that doesn't normally fit into your routine and enjoy it. Let the world lift your spirits and make you feel a whole lot better.
Go on, stop reading this and do it now.
Let me know what makes your day today?
Have a gorgeous day!


  1. Lovely post, Viv, and very true.

    I used to live opposite the Sea Lane Cafe - your breakfast looks as good as I remember them! Might have to visit again myself, although the weekdays are always better than the weekend. It's a beautiful blue sky outside my window today, so I think I might just take your advice, finish my coffee and go for a walk by the river, and remember why I wanted to live here! The bathroom cleaning can wait until later xxx Enjoy the rest of your day! xxx

  2. oh my gosh, what a sweet post. glad you and your hunny enjoyed the day.
    you give some great advice here too!
    i'm taking it :)

  3. What a beautiful post! I wish I could look outside today and feel inspired, but it's cold and rainy. BUT I do have all my errands run already, so that's a good thing!

  4. What a wonderful post! I agree but it would sure be a lot easier if I had the beautiful scenery around me that you do!

  5. It sounds like you and your husband had a lovely morning! And you're absolutely right, we all need to stop and just take a moment to enjoy life more often.

  6. I think this was a great post. It is always nice to just take a break and enjoy good company by the seaside. I bet that's nice. I wonder if people who live really near to beautiful places just take it for granted.

    I wish today would have been one of those days where I was able to relax and appreciate things, but it wasn't to be so :( N has bruised his ribs and is finding breathing difficult, I suspect both boys have ear infections and I'm just exhausted. It's tiring looking after so many people with no break. Oh well. It won't be forever, will it? I'm glad you enjoyed your morning though!

  7. Hi!
    Your day with your hubby sounded like fun! My hubby and me do the same sometimes. Just go out and do something we don't usually do! Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great evening!!


  8. I love this post! What a lovely day both you and your husband had! :D

  9. What beautiful photos! Love it!

  10. Another Mom of twins... Nice to meet you!


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