Saturday 28 March 2009

Stitch and Craft Show.

Last Sunday was Mothers Day in England and usually I would spend this with my family, but this year a group of us decided to go the Stitch and Craft Show in Olympia to see what scrapbooking goodies we could buy.
It took us two hours to get there, which we didn't mind as it gave us time to catch up on the train.
Fiona (in the pink) set up a mission, whereby we were each given £10 to spend on the raffle. We also got a lovely chocolate bar too.
I have to say, I was rather tired as I had travelled back and forth to Cambridge the day before.

Olympia was an interesting place to visit, there were lots of unusual stalls which we don't normally get when we go to the scrap show. However as dedicated scrappers we were a bit disappointed with the amount of scrapping gear available, though we still managed to spend plenty of money!
The stalls were jammed packed with goodies, but I didn't buy anything that I had planned to. I am always attracted by paper and there wasn't a lot of it there.
We all learnt some new techniques at the show and Annie is going to master distress inks that she bought and hopefully show us what to do with them.

We ventured downstairs at the show and became surrounded by material, tapestry and cross stitch stalls, which was a bit of a new experience to some of us. The majority of our little group came back with a cross stitch picture to make. Here is Annie, buying some beautiful fabric to make some cushions.
I had to take a picture of this bag, because we all wanted one and nearly died at the price of the kit to make it. How much do you think it is worth?

£70 for the kit! Though it is made of alpaca wool, but still that is so expensive.

I was quite taken by these knitted necklaces and would love to be able to make one. As I can't knit, I am hoping it might be possible to crochet one. Naida - what do you think? Would it be possible?Here are some of the goodies I purchased on the day. I got some lovely kits which will allow me to sew on my scrap pages, a couple of new albums, lots of glitter and quite a few stamps. I was really pleased with the items I purchased.

I also purchased this cross stitch kit ( this is the picture off the packet, as I haven't even started it yet.) I have a thing about cupcakes and collect ornaments and pictures with them on. I cannot make them at all, they always taste disgusting when I do( and I am so not joking, feel free to ask my children or my husband, in fact, even the dog won't eat them.) So I make do with buying things with them on.

I had a lovely day at Olympia and although I missed spending time with my family, it was nice to spend time with friends I don't get to see very often.


  1. I wish I could have made it but maybe next year can't even make it to ally pally this year as we have a party to go to in the afternoon.

  2. I still want to make one of those bags. Oh, and feel free to test your cupcakes out on me any time you like! I'm certain that they are not that bad!

  3. Gosh I just love your posts Viv-they're the best! What a great trip-I'm so envious. I love to cross stitch and the kit you bought is great. It's going to be so pretty. That bag is great and yes I could see it being that expensive although I wouldn't pay it. As for that necklace, not sure crocheting would work too well (correct me if I'm wrong Naida) but the stitches on crocheting are too big even if you do a single crochet. With knitting you can use small needles and it makes the stitches tighter. Have you tried knitting? It really is quite easy. Anyhoooo, looks like you had a fab day and brought home lots of goodies. Enjoy!

  4. It looks like you had a lot of fun. Sounds like a great way to spend Mothers Day.

  5. It sounds like a wonderful show
    Love the cupcake picture

  6. Oooh, craft supplies...shiny, shiny craft supplies. Along with books, they are the death of me.

  7. Have fun with your cross stitch kit! I am like you too so when you said, "I am always attracted by paper" I was like, that's me! LOL

  8. Looks like a really fun day! Our Mother's Day is not until May.

  9. It does look like you had a fun time :) About the knitting kit, I know what you mean, some of th ose can really get pricy, espeically since its Alpaca.
    I'm sure it can be crocheted too, since they are basically balls. Can you crochet in the round yet?

    love those cupcakes!

  10. No Naida - not that advanced yet. Still getting the hang of treble stitch.

    1. what is the name of the cross stitch its lovely


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