Thursday 2 April 2009

Combining two scrap challenges in one

As you know, I have been struggling recently to organise my time better. Over the last month, I have started many projects with great enthusiasm, only to find them left helplessly behind as another project catches my eye. So this week, I sat down and actually planned my time better. I have been blocking sections of my days together to sit down and achieve some of the things often left in the wayside.

On Tuesday I blocked the whole day and had a scrapping marathon, thus giving me quite a few pages to show to you over the coming weeks. My dining table looked like a production line, with lots of half finished pages in various stages of completion, lined along the edge. I was really pleased with myself, especially as in the evening I finished reading two books, which I will review in between other posts.

So here is a LO I made that covers two different challenges set by two different blogs this week. It covers the Creative Thought challenge which was to scrap when you felt unconditional love for someone or something. That was easy to scrap as I decided my children should be the main focus of that one. I also used this LO to scraplift the Pencil Lines challenge, which basically gives you a design each week to copy. I would highly recommend both sites for scrappers lacking inspiration and/or time, as I didn't really feel as though I had to think about it too much.

In this LO, I used my posh new scalloped paper, which came in a back of 60 pages, all different colours. Will I get bored of it, before I finish the packet? Not sure as I do so love the scalloped edges. The wording was all created on my super duper Cricut machine, that after gathering dust in the corner of my room, came out of hibernation and reminded me how quick and easy it was to use.

The tag was one of the ones my friends, Elizabeth, who kindly printed them off on her PC. It reads ' You make me mad, you make me angry, but you will never stop me loving you!'
It depicts the stage of life, where my children think they know better than me and will swear that black is blue. It is a stage, I am finding quite frustrating and feel like I need a good dose of patience to help me keep calm. Anyone else have this with their children? Are your darlings 8 going on 18? I might need to set up a counselling group for the Mother Who Lie (According To Their Children).Thank you for your birthday wishes to hubby. We had friends come round and we had a fabulous evening, which resulted in copious amounts of wine, Doritos and Chinese being consumed.
These pictures were taken before I dropped my camera! Aaargh! Luckily it still works, though I did feel a little under the weather the following day and was disgusted to find I had gained four pounds in weight in one session, which resulted in me spending the rest of the week working hard to remove them.
Off to tidy up the garden now, before the window cleaner sues me for broken bones due to the conditions in which he has to work under. Big sigh! A woman's work is never done!


  1. Viv, that's a really lovely picture of you and your husband! Great scrapbooking as usual!

  2. Love how you used the sketch,thanks for sharing :)

  3. I would love to start scrapbooking but I don't have enough time! *sigh* Your layouts are gorgeous! That's a great picture of you and your husband.


  4. Viv, what a great pic of you and your hubby-you make a wonderful couple. Your girls are sure beautiful. You know it's even worse for you because there's two of them to drive you nuts. lol. I can imagine the fun you'll have when they start dating. As always I adore your posts.

  5. Yeah scrapping you are good. Love the page I am going to work on that on saturday at the crop. Hope Darren had a good birthday and the photo of you two is fab.

  6. That IS a lovely picture! And I love your scrap booking theme and layouts.

  7. Great picture! Your scrapbooking layouts are great!

  8. Great picture! And a happy belated birthday. Love that layout. I'm really drawn to brown these days. I'm not sure what it is.

  9. Oh my, what a beautiful picture of you and your husband! And what a great layout!

    And man, oh man, am I jealous! I want a Cricut sooooooo much!

  10. nice scrapbooking as always :)
    sweet picture of you and hubby!
    Doritos and wine sound great lol

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leading me to find yours! I'm so impressed with your scrapbooking skills!!

    Beautiful blog, too! I'm now following :-)


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