Saturday 18 April 2009

I have found cupcake heaven!

I was recently told about this shop by one of my friends and just had to visit. We tried to go on my birthday, but unfortunately it wasn't open, so we went back this week. This is a cafe called Parklife, where they have started selling lots and lots of different cupcakes. We had lunch there too, which were real doorstop sandwiches, then all devoured a cupcake.

From what I can gather the flavours of the cupcakes change daily, so there is always a reason to go back for more.
They were all sparkly cakes and I am now desperate to find out where to get edible sparkles but the shop owner would not reveal her secret!

You can even buy large birthday cake cupcakes.

We went for the double chocolate and the white chocolate ones!

This is mine before I devoured it - the diet was put on hold for this day.
We had a lovely day and our main reason for going was because Methvens was closing down. This is the second bookshop to close in our town due to the recession. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that Waterstones won't close as that is definitely my favourite shop.
As I still had my birthday money to spend I couldn't stop myself buying some more books in the sale. This little selection would have cost me nearly £30 and I only spent £13!

The book I bought are as follows:
Madam Crowl's Ghost by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu. This is a collection of short stories by the Master of psychological suspense. One of his novella's was the inspiration for Bram Stoker's Dracula and he is widely regarded as the father of the Irish Gothic style.
Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman - this is a little novella he wrote for World Book Day and is about a boy named Odd who has run away from home and encounters three creatures on his journey. He has to take on the Frost Giants in order to end winter.
Cinnamon City by Miranda Innes - this is non fiction travel book, detailing Miranda's move from Andalucia to Marrakech to restore a long neglected riad there. I love books like this.
What the Dickens by Gregory Maguire, writer of Wicked. This book is about a dark and stormy night where three children are trapped by a terrible storm. One of the children starts to tell them a story about warring tooth fairies.. The children are skeptical, but stories told by candlelight have a way of coming true.

Angel by Cliff McNish - This is the story of two girls, linked by destiny, not choice. Stephanie is a strange misfit and Freya can't stop seeing angels. What happens when one of those angels starts to stalk her?
Ironside by Holly Black - this is the sequel to Tithe which I read back in February. It continues the story of Kaye, who has only recently realised she is a faerie. This is a dark tale and not for young children.

I also picked up the following books in other shops.
The Return by Victoria Hislop. I just had to buy this one as I loved her first book The Island about a colony of lepers. If you haven't read it, you really must. The Return is set 1936 in Granada and is about politics and tragedy in Spain.
Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr - this is the first book in her Wicked Lovely series - a faerie romance story. I do like reading about faeries.
The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy - winner of the Booker prize. I picked this up in the charity shop and it explores the tragic fate of a family and tampers with the laws of who should be loved by who and how.
The Conjuror's Bird by Martin Davies - a Richard and Judy bestseller about Fitz and Gabby's pursuit of a stuffed bird known as the Mysterious Bird of Ulieta, a creature once owned by the great 18th Century naturalist Joseph Banks.
Quite a good collection for a day's shopping.
Have you bought any new books recently?


  1. Those are almost too pretty to eat!!

    And that's too bad about the bookshop that closed :( You got some excellent books, though! I adored Odd and the Frost Giants. And The God of Small Things is a book that gets mixed reactions, it seems, but I loved it.

  2. YUMMMM!!! Those cupcakes look almost too delicious to eat. Almost. :) I haven't heard of What the Dickens, but it sounds like something I'd love to read. I agree with Nymeth about God of Small Things--mixed reactions but I loved it also.

  3. That is SO cool! Wish we had a cupcake place like that near us :-)

  4. oh my gosh, those cupcakes look pretty and yummy!! fabulous book finds :)
    I havent bought anything new recently, but am very tempted to stop by my fav bookshop :)

  5. i'm a fiend for cupcakes! these look divine. i want some glittery sparkle-sprinkles...i'll have to google them.

  6. Those cupcakes look great. Happy reading.

  7. You've been shopping!! The cupcakes look too good to be eaten and the books... oh my... I'm so envious! LOL

  8. Wow. Those cupcakes look delicious. If there was anything like that near me I'd gain 15 pounds and would be broke. But I'd be very happy!

    And great collection of books! I finished Wicked Lovely a few days ago and can't wait to read the sequel, but I can't read more than one book at a time and am in the middle of Case Histories by Kate Atkinson.


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