Thursday 18 June 2009

General ramblings of the day

Whilst at school this week, I was given this lovely set of ribbons from my friend Jo. Jo is the leader of a team of scrappers on UK Scrappers, of which I am supposed to be a member. Unfortunately since I started book blogging, my time on UK Scrappers has come to a halt. Though I did join in for the ribbon round robin, where I had to provide 9 metres of red ribbons and in exchange I received 9 metres of different coloured ribbons as seen below, which will look fab on my scrap pages.
Jo has worked really hard at trying to organise our dysfunctional team of scrappers and has now decided to take a rest from it and I really can't blame her. At least she can shout at me in person, when I don't respond by email.

With these lovely ribbons, Jo also made us a book mark each, which to me is like giving me chocolate! It is really lovely and I can't wait to use it in one of my books. Jo has just reached her 100th post this week and to commemorate this event, she is having a bit of a scrap giveaway. So if you are interested in winning some scrap goodies please visit Jo's site here and enter her competition. Jo is willing to post worldwide, so anyone can enter.
As I am on the subject of contests, I just want to tell you about the one Melissa is hosting over at Melissa's Bookshelf which you can find here. She is giving away seven Sukie Stackhouse books to one lucky winner and the competition is open worldwide, so do go over and enter her comp.
I thought I would share with you a couple of gardening photos as well today. I recently spent the weekend making pots and baskets for my garden and since then I seemed to have developed a bit of a gardening bug. I decided to buy some fruit and vegetable plants to grow in grow bags.
They are mainly for the girls as they seem to enjoy growing plants, but I did pick up a chilli pepper plant for myself. In the picture, you can see strawberry, courgette, cucumber, tomato and red pepper plants which I hope to transfer to grow bags this weekend. If they grow well this year and the rabbit doesn't eat everything in sight ( he hasn't definitely taken a liking to my chilli plant!) then I hope to build a vegetable patch down the side of my garden. At the moment, it is basically a place where hubby tries to hide broken things,so I am looking forward to transforming it.
Just wanted to share a picture of the trough in my front garden which is blooming beautifully at the moment.
That is all my gossip this week? What have you been up to?
Do pop back tomorrow for the winner of the Garden Spells competition, which you still have time to enter as it does not close until midnight tonight. I will also be showing my Friday Finds.
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  1. Thank you Viv for the shout out I hope I find some more blogs to blog hop to now. Love the photo's is the courgette a climber if not it might be a runner as they tend to run occassionaly

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the contest - totally just entered it!

  3. Scrap away :)
    My week, well been reading, made muffins, and now 3 day weekend. Good old Midsummer

  4. We've got tomatoes, lettuces. spinach, spring onions and peppers :D The tomatoes are going mad - can't wait to start scoffing them :)

  5. The garden is coming along nice - looking beautiful! Clever Jo - that bookmark is fab. And I look forward to seeing what you do with those ribbons - I always seem to have a hard time knowing what to do with ribbons on my pages.

  6. I just love the flowers! All your plants look like they're doing well. The bookmark is really pretty. I love bookmarks as well and really you can never have too many. I always like to try to match the color of my bookmark to my book somehow. Our garden is finally coming along but not really well. It was just too cold at the beginning when it was planted. I'm hoping we get at least a half decent crop of beans out of it. My spinach is doing well though-can't wait to eat it.

  7. I so enjoyed seeing pictures of your garden today. I think I will post a few of ours this weekend--it looks like your climate must be similar to ours as your plants look to be about the same variety!

  8. Thanks for coming to see my messy desk :P You should definitely join in (well, if I have to do it...) This is where it's orginated from: go peep :P

    I love Ikea, so great for decluttering. There were some lovely bits today. Wished I'd had more pennies. Got a great packet of wall decal frames that I'm going to use for scrapping - reduced to £1.09

  9. Thanks for keeping us posted on all the gossip.
    I love your flower box and I'll be anxious to see your plant bags when they grow.

  10. Your garden is looking amazing! Very nice!

  11. Your garden is blossoming beautifully!
    I'm also growing tomatoes and peppers this year. I made a little vegetable garden in one corner of my yard As far as flowers go, i'm praying my sunflowers survive this summer. The children and I plant them from seeds in May, and so far so good.
    Enjoy your weekend :O)

  12. Gorgeous flowers and lovely ribbon from the swap. I'm finding that too, I never seem to have enough time anymore to participate in my scrapbooking groups when I'm so addicted to my book blog. *sigh* A few more hours in the day would be good hey


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