Monday 1 June 2009

Mailbox Monday and Library Loot

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This is the first time in a long time I actually received my books through the mail.
I had order the Melissa Marr trilogy as I got them for such a wonderful price. They should retail at £6.99 and I got the lot for £7.99, so they were a bit of a bargain. I have read such rave reviews about them, that I can't wait to read them. When I do read and review them, I will also have a little competition to add into it. So keep your eyes peeled.
I also bought Envy by Anna Godberson at £2.99, so that was a good bargain.

I also received Sanction by Jim Magwood, which I am reviewing for You Gotta Read Reviews which you will find here. The author sent me a lovely letter and signed my copy of the book too. I never realised how nice authors were, as I also received a lovely email this week from a first time novelist Kimberly Alan who was really pleased with my review of her book. Her book was called Truths Unveiled and you can read my review here.
I thought I would also take part in Library Loot this week, as I came out with more books than I went in with. I took the girls to change their books and just got lost amongst lots of lovely books. I bought two of them as they were being withdrawn. I bought Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder by Joanne Fluke, which is a cozy murder mystery and I also bought After the Dance by Edwidge Danticat, which is about a walk through carnival in Jacmel, Haiti. This is one of the Carribean's biggest carnivals and Edwidge takes a close look at what it is like, also reminiscing about unhappy visits to the carnival as a child.

I borrowed three books.

  1. High Fidelity by Nick Hornby, this will be the first book I have ever read by Nick Hornby. I have heard such good things about him and the title of this book keeps cropping up.
  2. Myths and Legends and Folk Tales - two short story compilations which I hope to read for the Once Upon A Time challenge.

I also picked up The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, which isn't shown. I have been waiting a few weeks for this as I had it on order. I am desperate to read it as there has been some fantastic reviews of it in the book blogging world.

What books did you pick up this week?

I haven't managed to visit many blogs this weekend as I have been away. We went up to Essex for my dad's 70th birthday. We had a lovely party there yesterday and it was so nice to see all my family again.

We had a bit of a disaster with the birthday cake. I managed to get it all the way to Essex and then broke off one of the numbers when I put it on the table. My dad went from being 70 to zero! Luckily dad is a good sport and thought it was funny. Doesn't he look good for 70?

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  1. Your dad looks great!

    And very few go from 70 to 90. Lucky dad!

    You got a lot of books. Happy reading!

    Monday is here again

  2. Good loot, and great mailweek :D
    Yup I looted today too, but I work in a library at the I could help myself

  3. The photo is so funny! Happy Birthday wishes to your Dad.

    I received High Fidelity from a book friend last week. We traded books.
    Have a great week!

  4. Your dad looks awesome for 70!

    Those books all look wonderful!

  5. Oh my goodness, I adore Nick Hornby! I've met him and everything! High Fidelity is a great book, as is About a Boy (have you seen either film?). I absolutely love love loved How To Be Good, and also It's a Long Way Down. If you want to borrow them, just shout. Hardback versions though - there's not many books that I have to buy in hardback because I can't wait for the paperback, but a new Nick Hornby is always an exception.

  6. What a great bargain you got.

    Happy birthday to your dad. He definitely doesn't look 70 (not that he looks 0 either, but...).

    My mailbox is here:

  7. What a great selection of books you received this week! Receiving a signed copy is always so exciting ... even though I only have one lol ^_^

    I hope you enjoy reading all of them!

  8. Did you miss my blog post?? you won the May competition but if you havent claimed I will have to redraw, this is the second comment I've made to notify you ~ Don't want you to miss out LOL

  9. Wow, lots of great books! I was surprised to see you went all in for Melissa Marr's books, but that is too good of a deal to pass up!! Happy reading!

  10. Excellent mail week for you! Enjoy your books!

  11. nice haul! i love high fidelity...i hope you review it here. as for your dad--70, really?!? good genes in your family. bday wishes to him.

  12. Is that Wicked Lovely a paperback copy? Jealous. Only in hardback here in the states. I may have to find myself a copy when I am in the UK next month.

  13. Oops, meant Fragile Eternity. The new one. :)

  14. Great photo and yes he looks great for 70! You sure got a lot of good books there. I love the Joanne Fluke series. I've been hooked on it for ages. Enjoy.

  15. I have heard such wonderful things about Melissa Marr's books - they are on my wish list!

    Your dad does NOT look 70! He looks great!! :) Hope he had a wonderful birthday.

    Here's my Mailbox! ~ Wendi

  16. SO many great books in your inbox! Enjoy your reading!

    Your father looks great, if I was to guess his age I would say 50! I hope he had a wonderful birthday =D

  17. The whole trilogy for £7.99?! That's an exellent deal! And I hope you enjoy High Fidelity. One of my favourite books :)

    Like Ladybug said, I'd NEVER guess from the picture that your father is 70!

  18. You have some great loot! I've been seeing Melissa Marr's books everywhere. I'm going to have to pick one up.

    Your dad looks great!

    Happy reading!

  19. Great haul! The Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder looks like fun...and your Dad definitely doesn't look 70! Love the cake with a 0 on it.

  20. The only one that I've read out of your list is Hunger Games. Too bad about the cake, but I'm glad he was cool about it. He does look much younger than 70.

  21. Wow, I'm jealous. I've been in my local bookstore hoping to BUY Fragile Eternity (I hardly ever buy books new) and they didn't have it :( I could cry!

    Your dad looks GREAT for 70! Hope he had a great day!

  22. Your dad looks great, Viv! And you have loads of great books waiting to be read!

  23. I just finished Wicked Lovely and really enjoyed it. Can't wait to start Ink Exchange this weekend.

  24. Lucky! Wicked Lovely is a great story but I haven't read the other two yet. I need to read Envy too. You've got to try the chocolate chip crunch cookies in Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder. They're literally to die for!

  25. great books! I want to read High Fidelity.
    Its always cool when authors sign the book or include a note, that makes me a fan of theirs right away.
    Happy Birthday to your dad, he does look good for 70!


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