Monday, 29 June 2009

Wanna take a little walk with me?

There is no Mailbox Monday from me today, as for the first week ever, I did not receive any books. I didn't buy any or win any as prizes, which is not a bad thing as I have so many to read already?

So today, I thought I would take you on a little walk, hope you don't mind. Are you ready to go, do you have sensible walking shoes as it is a five mile walk? Do you have water to drink and sunscreen on as it is going to be hot? Are we ready then let's go.
Our walk starts by setting off from Chichester Quay, I just dropped the girls of at a science course for the day, so we can take our time. They went off to learn about Harbour Habitats, armed with buckets and wellies. So we can walk along the pathway and head to Chichester Marina.
As you can see, the tide is out and it is really peaceful. There is hardly a soul around. I never realised how much the tide affected areas. When the tides comes in later, this little peacehaven will be full of people out in their boats.
We have reached the Marina and I am sorry I just had to stop and take a picture of this customised VW camper van, with it's very own Dulux dog. I love VW camper vans and beetles. I have my own VW beetle, which is my pride and joy.
As we walk on, let me show the house I dream of. Everytime, I pass it I sigh heavily. It is gated and this photo does not do it justice as it is huge! Can you not just imagine the library above those garages. I will keep entering that lottery and maybe one day this will be mine. It has been empty since it was built, so I like to think they are saving it for me!

Lets continue around the marina and enjoy the scenery. I love to look at the houseboats, jealous of the easy life they seem to convey.

Sorry , I just love this sign, I think the word 'the' was a late addition.
We are nearly there now, walking round the marina, watching people taking suitcases on in order to spend the weekend on their boats. We walk all the way back to the quay. I have just looked at my nifty pedometer and noticed we have clocked up five miles. Are you feeling tired? Thirsty?
Lets hit the pub.
I found us a nice table by the open window, looking out over the quay. A cool breeze blows through to cool us down. A coke and a good book, what better way to spend the rest of the afternoon.

This is the view from the table out towards the quay.

I hope you enjoyed your walk, now you can go eat that tempting chocolate cake as you have earned it after all that hearty exercise.
Thanks for joining me.


  1. That was a lovely walk and I don't feel out of breath at all - I must be getting fitter ;)

    What a gorgeous area you live in and that house is beautiful - I think it's definitely waiting for you.

  2. Lovely walk Viv thank you and what a lovely way to spend the rest of the afternoon but sitting quitely with my book drinking ohh maybe a Wine and soda and looking at that view thank you for taking me with you. xx

  3. I enjoyed the virtual walk, phew my favourite kind of exercise LOL. Lovely photos as always Viv!

  4. Somehow I have a feeling you worked off more calories than I did on that walk, so I'd better skip the cake. Darn. But I really did enjoy the sights!

  5. Oh, I would love to take that walk! It is pleasant where I live but definitely not picturesque. And, as soon as you step outdoors it is difficult to breathe it is so hot and humid (over 100 degrees now!).

  6. What a lovely walk :)
    I feel refreshed

  7. Very nice! I'd love to live in that area, it's so pretty.

  8. Oh I loved the tour! Thank you :) And the duck sign is too cute.

  9. Great post! I always look forward to your posts. This was a fabulous walk! You sure do live where there is a lot of beautiful places to see. I love the houseboats as well. It would be nice to go to sleep on the water each night.

  10. I'm sorry you didn't get anything in the mail, but what a lovely walk. Thank you so much!

  11. Thanks for the virtual walk - I really enjoyed it. Very relaxing, and yes, I could imagine a library above the garage!

  12. Viv, those photos are gorgeous! The water keep me nice & hydrated ;).

    The house is lovely -- I can just imagine a library above the garage -- I'd be there a lot!

    Hope you enjoyed your coke & book. I also hope the girls had a terrific time, too!

    Thank you for sharing your walk.

  13. What a beautiful walk. I am pretty much sold on grassy groves and anything by the water. And just think now you'll have time to catch up on your reading. I have purposefully been trying to lighten my incoming load. I have so much to catch up on.

  14. That walk was just what I needed! I hope you get that house one day!


  15. Perfect. What a wonderful idea, and you live in such a pretty area.. I think I'd walk more often if I lived there! Thanks for sharing that with us :)

  16. Thank you for the tour :D I especially like the last picture.

  17. What lovely photos; good luck with winning the lottery so you can get that house. LOL

  18. Thank you for taking us on a lovely walk!
    That VW camper is very cool :O)

  19. The duck signage is really cute!

    It's OK not to have anything to report for the MM. I should cut down on the buying too. Too many books, not enough time!


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