Tuesday 30 June 2009

Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

Pages - 328
Challenges - 100+
Published by Harper Collins in 2007
I know Wicked Lovely has probably been reviewed to death throughout the Book Blogging world, but when do I miss an opportunity to rave about a book and as it is my blog, you will have to suffer too. Or scroll down, or perhaps just bypass this altogether! I am not really moaning, I just think the excessive heat that has suddenly landed at our feet has got the better of me.
Wicked Lovely is the story of Aislinn who has always been able to see faeries. It is a flaw in her family's genes and they can all see them, but they pretend that they can't, as faeries who find out you can see them will probably take great enjoyment in killing you. So Aislinn, lives her life with blinkers on, ignoring the wickedness the fairies get up to around her. Until one of those faeries decides that Aislinn should belong to him. Enter Keenan, the Summer King, who has spent eternity looking for his Summer Queen. Many girls have failed the challenge and the Winter Queen continues to cause havoc in the world, as the Summer King just does not have the power to defeat her without his Summer Queen. Keenan is convinced that Aislinn is the one and the Winter Queen is worried.
There is definitely a lot of mixed reviews over this book throughout the blogging world, so I think you will either love it or hate it. I had the same experience with Tithe, where many people didn't enjoy it and I loved it, so if you followed my advice to read Tithe and didn't like it, then I would say Wicked Lovely is not for you.
I absolutely loved this book. For me, it was a slightly lighter version of Holly Black's Tithe and Valiant, but every bit as good.
If you have not read the book, I would not read on as I can't help but give spoiler alerts!
You jump into the story very quickly and stand back helplessly as Aislinn tries to fight her inevitable destiny. From the beginning you are aware that Aislinn is in love with her friend Seth and has no wish to change her life completely. Seth loves her just as much and the difficulties they need to overcome as a couple would drive most people apart.
The faeries in the book take on a very sinister role and if they truly existed, I would be a little nervous, so really glad it is all fantasy.
The characters are well written and show both sides of their characters. You understand that what Keenan puts Aislinn through is completely wrong, yet you can understand his reasons for doing it, as he has bigger issues to solve than just Aislinn's feelings.
The ending took me by surprise, as it definitely wasn't the one I thought it would be. I have to say I liked the way it ended though.
The book gives lots of details about faery folklore, which I have found had common information to other books about faeries. All the books, mention the fey, the Seelie Courts and the sidhe, but how did this common ground of information become known to everyone else. I find this really strange as I always was under the impression that faeries really don't exist, so where does all these written rules about faeries come from. If I am wrong and their really are faeries in the world and a book on how to be a good faery, then I stand corrected, otherwise who made up all these faery rules and beliefs? Anyone know?
Anyway this is a fabulous book, well worth reading and I am looking forward to moving onto Ink Exchange which I understand to be even darker than Wicked Lovely!
Here are some other reviews of the book, to give a rounded opinion of it.
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  1. I know I've said it before but oh I'm so glad I stumbled on your site. I love all this sort of thing but somehow these ones have completely gone under my radar! I think I'm a bit guilty of sticking to favourite authors and not looking to the right and left of them if that makes sense. If you've got any favourites you'd like to recommend me please, please do. Am off to update my wishlist. Again! :P

  2. Great review, I'm SO glad you enjoyed the book! And now it looks like I'm going to have to add Holly Black's books to my wish list, as I haven't read those yet. I'll look forward to your review on Ink Exchange, too :-D

    BTW, thanks for linking to my review. I added a link to yours from mine, as well.

  3. THis is not the genre I would normally read but your wonderful review has me wondering if I have been missing out. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Have a good week, keep your cool.

  4. I am reading right now, but I am afraid for eh ending, I want her to end up with keenan and save summer, but I fear she will go with Seth

  5. I love this book too and am glad you did as well. I always cringe when someone rips it apart in reviews. I hope you continue on with her books, Fragile Eternity I especially loved and left you with a big cliffhanger.

  6. Definitely sounds interesting - I'll have to look into this one! :)

  7. I didn't like Tithe, but I loved this one. Then it took me a little while to get into Ink Exchange, and once I did, I really enjoyed that as well. I now have a copy of Fragile Eternity, and it's the same story. I can't bring myself to keep reading, though I think that if I do hang in there with it, I might eventually really love the story. All about timing, I guess.

  8. I enjoyed this book, but loved Ink Exchange even more -- hope you do too!

  9. I'm glad you enjoyed this so much :D I guess all those rules about fairy lore comes from the back that the beliefs are old, and since they've been around a long time they had time to settle into the recognizable form we see in books like the ones Melissa Marr quotes from. Then again, maybe that's not why at all :P

  10. Wicked Lovely's really great! I don't know why but I really like Keenan. LOL.

  11. Hi Viv, this is definitely something for me. This book has been in my wish list for a long, long time. Thanks for the great review! :)

  12. Great review, I read up to where you mentioned Spoiler Alert and thought I'd better stop because this is one I haven't read yet!

  13. Thanks for linking to my review, I'm putting your link on mine review :)

    I'm glad that you liked the book, I thought it was a little boring.

    When it comes to fairy information I guess that's because writers investigate a lot before writing about a subject and they might read much of the same folklore/myths etc on the subject.

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