Saturday 7 November 2009

Saturday Scrapping

Many of you know that I have spent the last few months making a scrapbook for my aunt. Well this week, I finally finished it. Hurrah!
Here are the last two pages which I finished on Wednesday. They were a little rushed, as I had to get the album completed by Friday, so that my parents could take it to Wales with them, to give to my aunt.
So here are my final two pages.

I feel quite relieved to be finished now. Expect to see some scrap pages for me and my family very soon. I hope to get started on my holiday album as well as begin preparations for scrap booking my Christmas Journal.
Today is scrap club, so I am off to spend time with my friends making my Christmas cards.
Have fun.


  1. How wonderful is that. I'm impressed.

    Right, I'm definately going to do that scrapbook for niece #1. I bought a few of the magazines you suggested but haven't yet read any - todays the day, I feel inspired. Thanks for the post and the nudging I obviously needed.

  2. Im sure your aunt will treasure her scrap book forever. You did a great job on it and thanks for sharing with us. Have fun at your meeting!

  3. Congrats on finishing it, Vivienne! I bet your aunt is going to be blown away. :D

  4. You're Aunt is going to love it, I know how much time and effort goes into scrapbooking an album. I really like the cousins page too.

    Have fun at scrap club!

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  6. Hi, Viviene! You just come up with the most beautiful scrapbook pages that I've come across! Looking at these always make me smile!

    By the way, yes, Cold Comfort Farm is quite good. It's very, very funny.

  7. Those scrapbook pages are absolutely beautiful! Good job!

  8. Well done on completing the album, these are beautiful pages. She'll treasure it when she gets it I'm sure :)I love that lap quote :)

  9. btw there's some blog love waiting for you at my place. You can pick it up at The Eclectic Reader

  10. I love all your scrapbooking, Viv. That's a very beautiful and meaningful gift. Have fun also making Christmas cards with your friends! :D

  11. The pages look great! Hope you're having a good weekend.

  12. Well done to you for finishing the scrapbook. It'll be something for your aunt to treasure forever!


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