Thursday 7 January 2010

Journal Your Christmas Part 3

I know it isn't Saturday, which is the normal day for me to show any scrapbooking that I have done, but I won't be around on Saturday, as it is the first scrapbooking day of the year with all my lovely friends. I know I will be home at a reasonable time, but if I spend all day scrapping and then all evening blogging, my family may just disown me and start a search for a replacement mother and wife!

So here is the third installment of my Journal for Christmas, which required me to make a page each day all through December. The pictures shown are as far as I got and I plan to spend Saturday catching up on the last pages.

Day 15 - This was a really quick one, as it required me to write about the visitors who will be eating all my food and drinking all my wine over the Christmas period. I decided to write all their names around the edge and then panicked about all the people visiting my house.
Day 16 - the girls birthday. What on earth made me decide to have children in the run up to Christmas. Oh, I didn't! They decided to arrive two months early, because they were impatient to have their first Christmas. They love having their birthday so near Christmas; the rest of us find it a bit of a strain!
Day 17 - the party. Or should I say tea party. I just can't cope with full on parties with 30 pre teens going mental and screaming at the top of their voices. So a nice quiet tea party was the order of the day. Quiet, I don't think so, it was the last day of the school term, so they all went mental. It took me three hours to coax the cat back out from behind the sofa, where he had dived as soon as the hoard came through the front door.

Day 18 - first day of the school holidays and it actually snowed. We have never had that and the kids went wild with excitement. I couldn't actually go out in it, as I had developed a really nasty cold, so I had to make do with watching from the window.

Day 19 - I thought I would show the gifts that my secret Santa sent me on this page. These were the gifts I received from Mee. I got some lovely bits from Mee and I can't wait for next year's Secret Santa.
Day 20 - I had to include a page about our dog stealing the presents from under the tree, as it was so hilarious to watch. I would never have believed a dog could open his own presents, but mine did. He would put his paw on the present and rip the paper off bit by bit.
Day 21 - this was a page using the prompts which wanted to know what you were doing that day. As you can see, we were rather patiently waiting for Santa.
That is as far as I got, but hopefully I will be able to show you the rest next Saturday.


  1. These are gorgeous Vivienne :) I love the doggy page. My 2 could smell something gorgeous under the tree but couldn't work out what it was. You were very naughty opening your Secret Santa that early! Tut tut! ;)

    Have fun on Saturday - did the snow storm hit you last night? It got to us here in Kent around 4.30pm and all the schools are shut today!

  2. I seriously love that book! I might take up scrapbooking just for Christmas books. :D

    lol @ the tea party and the cat. And at your dog! hehe

  3. Your scrapbook is beautiful! I love all the different things you've included.

  4. You are inspiring me to start scrapbooking again (after a 2 year hiatus). I just love all the pages!

    My birthday is December 15 --- and I never liked the fact that it was so close to Christmas. I am glad that your girls feel differently.

    The dog page is of course my favorite - and I love the story behind the photo.

  5. Adorable. I love that you included your SS gifts.

  6. I can't begin to tell you what a beautiful idea I think this is nor how priviledged I feel to be sharing in it - many thanks Vivienne.

  7. Carmen - you have got me looking at sorts of blogs today. At this rate, Christmas 2010 will be all made by September.

    Glad to hear you got the snow. We are looking at going to Day 3 with no school for the girls.

    Eva - thank you. It is a lovely hobby. Don't you take lots of photos anyway? I popped in the library today and thought of you. Isn't that strange!

    Bermudaonion - thank you.

    Molly - I would probably feel the same as you if my birthday was in December. I find the whole month is such a whirlwind, it is really scary.

    I can't wait to see your scrapbooking if you start again.

    Amanda - I couldn't leave it out. I loved my Secret Santa gift.

    Petty Witter - you say such lovely things. Thank you.

  8. Your scrapbooking pages always look lovely!

  9. What fun to read these pages! Your daughters are so cute. We also have birthdays near Christmas in the family and it makes the holidays that much more hectic.

  10. Wow, a page a day! I love it and especially liked the one of the tea party. How cute is that.

  11. You put such time and effort into making these beautiful scrapbooks. I really admire that.

  12. Hi Viv! I admire all the effort you've put into creating this pages. They're beautiful!

  13. Oh my goodness, Viv...I am soooooo impressed! Of course, your layouts are lovely. They always are!!! But what I'm really impressed with is that you've got all that done!

    I made an album last November to do a December daily album, but then on December 1st, I found out that someone I loved very much had died. So I just couldn't bring myself to do an album that year. I fully intended to use the album I'd made and do it this year, and then wouldn't you know it, I got the frickin' flu on Nov. 30th. Just couldn't follow through once again. They say the third time's the charm so perhaps 2010 will be my year, huh?

  14. beautiful scrapping as usual! the girls birthday one is too cute!

  15. You are SO talented! I'm in awe of how wonderfully creative your scrapbooks are.


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