Sunday 28 March 2010

Sunday Salon

Apologies for anyone who actually caught the first version of this post, as it posted accidentally yesterday night, before I finished it. I find if I don't close the post down, it seems to post itself. I am having real trouble with blogger lately with this.

My reading has been really slow this week, but I cannot take the blame. I have had a week of rushing around after my daughters, there social life seems to have taken precedence over my life this week. They have had discos, school concerts and nights out with friends which has resulted in my wearing my chauffeur hat and having to drive my tired little Beetle all over the place.

We went to a school concert on Friday, which was fabulous. My daughters were part of the choir and sang some beautiful songs. There was also an amazing steel band which I could watch forever. They are teenage kids playing the steel drums but they are out of this world.

Yesterday was my husband's birthday and we had a quiet day as my daughters were taking part in a singing course. They had to sing folk songs without music and I have to admit to being quite surprised how well they sang. I am not one of those pushy mothers, I let my children choose what activities they want to do, but they both seem to love singing. One of my girls sings in the shower permanently!

We are going to have more of a birthday celebration for hubby today, as we are going out for a meal. Not sure where we are going at the moment, but I am sure we will find somewhere nice to eat.

So as far as books and reading have gone this week, I managed to finish Brooklyn by Colm Toibin which I loved completely and when I finished I found the need to search out more books by Toibin. I also finished the Helen Keller biography which was rather short and didn't take very long, and I feel I may need to read a longer book about Helen Keller.

I hope to finish Un Lun Dun by China Mieville, but as I have quite a way to go with this book and the search for Dorothy for the Wizard of Oz, is distracting me from my reading. If you are American or Canadian, you probably haven't a clue what I am talking about. England and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber are searching for an unknown to play Dorothy and the girls performing are superb, I spent most of last night watching it.

I have also just started reading Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons, which is a book I have wanted to read for ages.

I am not sure if I will get any time to read today, but I do hope I get at least an hour later.

Enjoy your Sunday reading.


  1. Brooklyn sounds like such a beautiful book - I keep seeing great reviews of it and really need tog et my hands on it. Also, hooray for Cold Comfort Farm! I'm full of love for Stella Gibbons at the moment, as I finished Nightingale Wood this past week, and much to my surprise loved it even more. Also, I look forward to your thoughts on Un Lun Dun. Though I enjoyed it in the end, it took me such a long time to read. Especially the first half.

  2. Glad to hear that it isn't only me having difficulties with blogger - I've been scheduling posts and they seem to be publishing as and when they like.
    A belated Happy Biirthday to your husband.
    I hope you get that hour to read.

  3. I've spent most of the weekend reading which is most unusual for me but have been in a grump and retreated to my books so no-one has to put up with me.

    Will be interested to see how you like Un Lun Dun as that's on my list of books to look out for.

  4. I know how it is when life gets in the way. Emma is teething and she cries the whole day, and it's really hard to find the time to read. But this shall pass too and then I will hopefully manage to get more reading done. As to your daughters, well maybe they will become singers, you never know.

    I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the books you've finished!

  5. A belated Happy Birthday wish to Mr. Serendipity! Enjoy your day out.

  6. I want to read Brooklyn. I read a sampler of it and it looked really good. I've heard so much about it. Since I'm originally from Brooklyn, I really should check it out.

    Sounds like you had a great week with your family!

  7. Oh, I want to read Cold Comfort Farm! Your reading week looks really good.

    Here's mine:

  8. Happy Birthday to hubby. Sounds like you've been really busy with the girls but they sound like such good girls though Viv -you're lucky. Hope you have a great day!

  9. I'm so thankful I haven't become a full-time chauffeur yet! How wonderful though that your girls are into singing!

    The Dorothy show sounds like a lot of fun - I wish we could watch it here too.

  10. Nymeth - Do you know, I thought it was just me that was struggling through Un Lun Dun. It is fabulous, but I seem to be making very slow progress through it. Loved Brooklyn, it was just superb. Really enjoying Cold Comfort Farm.

    Petty - I am getting really peeved with Blogger. It shouldn't keep publishing posts without my say so. Aarggh!

    Carmen - I am envious of your reading weekend, but unhappy to hear you have had the grumps. You are about to enter into a new you and you won't know yourself soon.

    Andreea - I am amazed you find time for all that you do. I didn't pick up a book at all when the girls were babies. You are definitely more organised to me, so you need to take some credit for that.

    Kaye - thanks

    Yvonne - it really is a lovely book.

    Laurel - thanks

    Dar - it has been so hard to keep up with blogging this week. I am hoping the new week coming will slow down a bit, as I am pooped.

    Alyce - I am not a big fan of television, but I was glued to the Dorothy show.

  11. It has been a hectic year so far. I agree.

    I'm hosting a giveaway on my Sunday Salon post today. I plan to give away two $10 gift cards to Amazon on Easter Sunday. I hope you will stop by and sign up!

  12. Cold Comfort Farm has been on my list for ages, too. Someday. (I seem to say that about a lot of books...*sigh*).

  13. Ooh, Over the Rainbow - Yup, that's me zombified in front of the TV for the next couple of weeks!

    Happy Birthday to your hubby :D



  14. Hi Vivienne,

    Sounds like you have had a busy week - don't you hate when life gets in the way of blogging and reading:)

    I look forward to your review of Brooklyn - its on the top of my TBR (as soon as my Mom passes her copy on to me). I really like the author and featured two books by him on my blog this week - check it out if you are looking for other books of his to read.

  15. Happy birthday to your husband, Viv!

    My reading has picked up a bit this morning.

  16. Readerbuzz - I shall definitely stop by.

    Softdrink - I know what you mean. If only I could read faster and had more hours in the day.

    Ceri - It is nice to see I am not alone. Huge Wizard of Oz fan!

    Booksnyc - You have other Toiben books on your blog - I shall definitely check them out.

  17. happy birthday to your hubby!
    I know what you mean, theres just not enough hours in the day.

  18. Oooo...I've been wanting to read On Brooklyn. I've heard it's very good and I loved your review.

    Happy belated birthday to your hubby! It seems like you have very talented daughters! I have to say I am very jealous you have the Wizard of Oz thing going on over there. I'd love to check that out.


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