Wednesday 7 April 2010


I know I promised I would be back yesterday, but we have had such a hectic few days I didn't get enough time to write a post or check out any one's blogs, so big apologies from me. I wonder why when the kids are off school, my life becomes far more hectic and I don't even get time to pick up a book, let alone read one. I am hoping for a bit of quality time this afternoon as the girls have to go dancing for a few hours, but as the house is in desperate need of a hoover and a dust, that might not happen.

Anyway, I thought I would catch up today and round up my reading for the month of March.

I read 11 books this month and have to admit finding it a real struggle to keep up with my reading. My usual evening reading routine really didn't happen this month, as the girls seemed to have lots of things on. I also seem to be reading slower, I definitely don't read as many pages each night as I used to.

Here are the 11 books I managed to read.

1) The Girl With The Glass Feet by Ali Shaw

2) The Brontes Went To Woolworths by Rachel Ferguson

3) The Quickening Maze by Adam Fould

4) To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

5) Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe by Fannie Flagg

6)The Book of Tomorrow by Ceceila Aherne

7) Book Doctor by Esther Cohen

8)Brooklyn by Colm Toibin

9) Helen Keller by Margaret Davidson

10) Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons (to be reviewed)

11) Un Lun Dun by China Mieville (to be reviewed)

I had lots of favourites this month. I absolutely loved The Girl With The Glass Feet, Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe, Brooklyn and Cold Comfort Farm. They are all jostling for that top position and I couldn't possibly pick one as the best.

I absolutely detested Book Doctor and The Quickening Maze wasn't much better.

I successfully wrapped up two challenges this month, The Typically British Challenge and The Bibliophillic Challenge, but still have way to go on all the other ones. Also as I finished two challenges, I added two more, with the Once Upon a Time Challenge and The Non Fiction Five Challenge.

I also started my personal challenge travelling around America and read three books so far for the state of Alabama. I have a few more books to go before I move onto Alaska.

Up until the end of March, I read 39 books, which I don't think is too bad for a quarter of the year. I would really love to get to about 15 this month, but unless I get a whole weekend without any commitments in it, that might not happen. How many did you read this month?


  1. Good to have you back - even if you are a day later than promised (laughs). After reading about The Girl With Glass Feet, I ordered a copy of it. Have had to wait quite a while though as Amazon were having to restock it.

    Please feel free to drop by my blog and enter my 1st blogoversary book giveaway - hard to imagine I've been posting for almost a full year now.

  2. Welcome Back--you were missed. I just received Girl With the Glass Feet, so I was happy to read your thoughts. You are having a terrific reading year!

  3. WOW -- I am very impressed with 11 books in one month; you will blow me away with 15 :)

    Welcome back --- we did miss your posts.

  4. We'll be here when you get back, so take your time. Since you like Fried Green Tomatoes, you should see the movie. It's great too.

  5. Did you have a good time on your break, Viv?

  6. I know how it is, Easter has been stressful for us as well, but we did have a good time and I hope you and your family had a great time as well.

    You have managed to read a lot of books! Great to have you back!

  7. Welcome back Viv- it's never the same when you're gone. How was your break? You had a great month for reading but I can imagine with the girls home there isn't as much time. Hope you don't work too hard today cleaning up.

  8. You aren't alone Vivienne. I'm so behind in both blogging and blog visiting. Am wondering whether to just start from fresh as has taken me most of the day on and off reading and am still behind.

    This month I can say I have read 6 books which for me is good, very good. They are ALL however the True Blood books. Got two at a charity shop on Monday, I'm sure you recommended one if not both of them. Joanne Harris - The Evil Seed and Samantha Hunt - The Invention Of Everything Else. They both look so good so will be jumping into those when I've finished my boxset.

  9. Eleven books is a lot, especially when you have kids doing activities. I managed 15, but the house is a wreck! Oh well, something's gotta give and it certainly won't be my reading. lol

  10. It still sounds like a very successful month!

  11. Petty Witter - i hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Congrats on a year of blogging too.

    Diane - I hope you enjoy it.

    Molly - thanks for your kind words.

    Kathy - I hope to see Fried Green Tomatoes soon. I have had it for ages.

    Amanda - it was hectic and it still is. The girls are off for two weeks and I am knackered already. I am struggling to get on here.

    Andreea - I am just after some 'me' time. I have been so busy.

    Darlene - thank you for your kind words. I have had a good time, but the girls are arguing quite a bit, so it is a little tense in our house. I haven't picked up a book since Saturday!!!!

    Carmen - loved The Evil Seed. It was fabulous. I have bought the Sookie Stackhouse books too and look forward to reading them.

    Lynne- well done on fifteen books.

    Softdrink - I know you came here expecting Wuthering Wednesday. I will post tomorrow now.

  12. Welcome back, Vivienne! And you have nothing to be sorry about. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on CCF and Un Lun Dun.

    PS: I see what you're reading Nation - that book means the world to me, and I hope you're enjoying it!

  13. Congrats on finishing two challenges! I'm loving your trip through the states so far and look forward to seeing which books you choose as you "travel."

  14. Vivienne, you had a wonderful reading month--WOW! You definitely fit the description of an avid reader!

  15. Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

    Looks like you are having a fantastic reading year - ah, if only I could read more than 10 books a month :)

    Can't wait to see which other books you choose for your American travel challenge.

  16. Vivienne you are CONSTANTLY adding to my wishlist. You owe me money! You had a great March and quarter. I have read about the same amount of books and have been having less time to read as well. I keep hoping that will change but at the same time I am busily doing some things that make me happy so I can't complain. We just have to go with it I guess.

  17. It's a little bit sad to me that this is considered a slow month for you! I think I read one book last month and have been averaging one or two a month lately. And that is VERY slow for me but sadly becoming normal.

  18. Nymeth - I am posting Un Lun Dun on Friday. I am really enjoying Nation, but for some reason it took a long time for me to get into it.

    Alyce -thanks. I am really enjoying my trip too.

    Suko - I wish. I am sure there are readers that read more than me. I aim to follow in their footsteps.

    Illiana -thank you

    For the person whose name is in Chinese - I wish I could translate and thank you.

    Nicole - LOL, I am so sorry. Unfortunately my piggy bank is empty because of all the books I buy.

    Jen - I didn't mean to make you feel sad. You do have two very young children and I know how much time they can take up. When the girls were babies, I never read at all, so you are doing well.

  19. 11 books, wow! That's great :) I've only read 18 books so far this year.

    I hope you had a lovely Easter, Vivienne!

  20. I say you did fabulously, Viv! I've only managed 17 as at March. I don't know what's happening to me this year. My book count is going down, down, down...


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