Sunday 18 April 2010

Sunday Salon

Good morning Sunday Saloners,

I hope this post finds you well and rested on this glorious Sunday morning. I have had a really busy week as the children have been off school, but they go back tomorrow, so I will hopefully get some time to myself again.

I have managed to read more books this week than of recent weeks, but I am beginning to find the books I pick a little coincidental. On Monday, I began reading Surviving The Volcano and what happens on Wednesday, an Icelandic volcano erupts bringing every airport in England to a standstill all weekend. You may just brush this off, but when I decided to read The Catcher in the Rye, J. D. Salinger then sadly passed away the day before I published my review. I am wondering if my choice of books may be more than coincidence!

I suppose by reading about volcanoes, it has made me more knowledgeable,as now I actually know what they are talking about when they mention things like 'pyroclastic flows' and 'magma'. I have to admit being glued to the television when reports about the eruption are aired, I can't help but find the whole process of how a volcano erupts fascinating. Anyway I hope to finish Surviving the Volcano later today as I plan to review it this week to help celebrate Earth Week which starts tomorrow. I was a bit naughty yesterday, as usually I only read two books at a time, but something made me pick up The Onion Girl by Charles De Lint and now I can't put it down.

I just wanted to tell you about Persephone Week which begins on the 3rd of May and runs through to the 9th of May. It is being organised by Claire over at Paperback Reader and it is worth joining in the fun if you happen to have a couple of Persephone books in your possession. I have three books that I am planning to read for Persephone Week and I hope that I manage to read all three. Claire is also running an Angela Carter month through April, so if you have any Angela Carter books you have been meaning to read then this is the time to get them out and dust them off before April moves into May.

Couldn't resist sharing a couple of pictures of my reading companion, George. If this cat could be with me all the time, he would. Whenever I sit down to read he is there, he knows when I sit down and comes running from upstairs. Hubby says he is like my shadow and if I had a baby pouch, he would probably sit in it.Poor George, has some issues though, he is definitely the original scaredy cat. He is actually afraid of his own shadow and I am not joking. Here he is covering his face, as he tries to sleep.
He eventually realised I was taking pictures of him and gave me a look of disgust.
I probably won't get much reading done today until this evening, as with the kids back at school tomorrow, I seem to have a list of jobs that require my attention. My blog may be review heavy this week, as I have a pile waiting to be discussed.
I hope you have a great day.


  1. George is cat with character. LOL! I want to know what you think of THE ONION GIRL. I hope you're enjoying your weekend, Viv!

  2. I love the photographs of George!

    Thank you for the links to both Persephone Reading Week and Angela Carter month; it's wonderful to see your and others' enthusiasm. PRW is being co-hosted (and was founded) by the lovely Verity of The B Files, just so you know that the action that week will shift between both of our blogs (I'll be linking so you don't miss anything).

    How serendipitous (appropriate given your blog name!) about the volcanic-themed reading. My in-laws have been stuck in Amsterdam airport since Thursday, en-route to Glasgow from Vancouver and who knows when they'll make it home :(

  3. Hey Viv, sounds like you had an excellent reading week. What a handsome companion as well. We LOVE our cats; such good company and they keep you warm in winter (or we keep them warm)LOL

    Have a great week.

  4. Your cat is gorgeous! Great pics. Is there going to be some big onion disaster next? Maybe you have some kind of psychic sense and that draws you to the book before the event.

    Have a peaceful week and happy reading.

  5. How cute is George. Sorry all my other thoughts about your post went the minute I saw your cat. Give him a stroke from me.

  6. Oh your kitty looks so much like our Ash. I think we've both said that before. :D

    I get that weird coincidence thing too. Most recently: three books I've read in the last 2 weeks have had a character named Etienne in them. In the last two years of book blogging, there's never once been an Etienne. Now three in a row! How random is that? Makes me wonder what fate is telling me, lol!

  7. Your pictures of your cat made me cry...And you know why? Because I had a cat just like that, exactly the same, only that it was a female cat...She died last year two weeks before I gave birth to my daughter...I coulnd't even say goodbye, because she lived in Europe with my mother. She was eight years old and had cancer and didn't make it...It was my first pet. We got her when I was 15...Sorry for the long comment but I was just reminded of her and I am still sad and think about her often...

  8. I'm so excited about Persephone Week. I see The Children Who Live in a Barn on your pile - that's one I'm quite curious about, so I'll be looking forward to your review.

    Aww, George is adorable :D

    (And *big hugs* to Andreea above.)

  9. angela carter is one of my favorites! i love her fairy tales and her turn of phrase is just unbeatable. i totally agree about the fascination with the volcano.

  10. So, you're the one who cause the volcano's eruption. LOL We have a friend who's stuck in Europe - he's driven down to Barcelona and hopes to fly out of there on Tuesday.

    George looks like a real sweetie.

  11. oh boy viv, dont read anymore disaster books then! lol

    I do have an Angela Carter book in my TBR. Have fun during Persephone week.

    George is too cute!

  12. Love Charles de Lint! Your George kitty looks a lot like my kitty. He's also black and a bit of a fraidy cat and he follows me everywhere. When I leave in the mornings for work he has a literal meltdown, crying and carrying on and trying to go with me!

  13. Alice - at the moment I am enjoying The Onion Girl, though I don't think I am supposed to.

    Paperback Reader - I am sorry I forgot Verity, in fact I hadn't realised it was a joint thing.

    Diane - is it bad that my cat gets more attention than my kids!

    Kaye - I hoped there isn't an onion disaster. I beginning to think you are right about the psychic sense.

    Tracy - he is sitting on my lap as we speak, purring away.

    Amanda - Etienne is an unusual name too, not one that you would expect to find on more than one occasion.

    Andreea - I am sorry, I didn't mean to make you cry. Big hugs.

    Nymeth - I can't wait too.

    Priya - I do love Angela Carter too, though it has been a long time since I read a lot of her books.

    Kathy - I do hope not! That would be awful, if it were true.

    Naida - don't worry, luckily I am not into disaster books. You must read your Angela Carter book.

    Caitlin - so far I am enjoying Charles De Lint too. Your poor cat, sounds like he needs something to soothe his nerves.

  14. OK. I'm clueless....Persephone? Persephone Week? What's that?

    Oh and totally love the cutey kitty pictures.

  15. Lol a look of disgust! That's what it looks like ;D

  16. George is a cutie! Look at those eyes! So glad to hear you're having a great reading week. I had one too the week of the read-a-thon but only read one book since. Have a great week.

  17. Thanks for mentioning PRW - am really glad that you'll be joining it!

  18. He's beautiful! I'm so jealous! I had a gorgeous wee man who was the spit of him, my Rocky. I still miss him now. He was such a soppy booger, always being bossed around by my girl cats. I really miss having a moggy in the house!

  19. It's ok Vivienne! I was just reminded of her, as she looked the same. Thank you very much and also thanks to Nymeth! It means a lot to me!

  20. Christina - Persephone publish books that were out many years ago and all by women writers. Click on the link and you will see Claires post. Persephone send out a lovely catalogue which shows all their beautiful books.

    Mee - he wasn't happy.

    Vasilly - thankyou. He is my bud.

    Verity - no problem. I hadn't realised you were both running it,so apologies there.

    Carmen - I seem to be upsetting everyone with my pics of George. I couldn't be without him, even though I am allergic to cat hair. Don't worry, plenty of asthma sprays around.

    Andreea - no worries. Don't like to see anyone upset.

  21. Sounds like you should avoid any dystopian lit, just to be safe. LOL George is precious! I love black cats. :)

  22. Awwwww, George is beautiful. My dog is my shadow too. He follows me absolutely everywhere. He can be in a dead sleep and if I get up so does he.

    I have a few Charles De Lint books but I don't think The Onion Girl is one of them. That is a little weird about your reading coincidences.

    Have a great week Viv!

  23. I just want to squeal over your kitty for a moment because oh my god, soooo cute! hahah and I loved that bit about him realizing what you were doing and giving you a look of "pure disgust" - so catty!


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