Tuesday 18 May 2010

Stargazer by Claudia Gray

Pages 329

Challenges - Young Adult

Published by Harper Collins in 2010

Frost began to creep up the walls. Transfixed, I watched lines of frost lace their way across the stone of the north tower's record room. The pattern swept up from the floor, covering the wall, even icing the ceiling with something flaky and white. A few small, silvery crystals of snow hung in the air.

I was going to issue a spoiler alert, but I think I have done a grand job below without revealing any of the Evernight secrets from the first book. If you are interested in reading this series you need to start with Evernight, which I reviewed here.

Bianca returns to Evernight for her second year. Yet she returns without the love of her life, Lucas. Lucas has returned to his roots at Black Cross and is carrying out his destiny.

A very young vampire turns up all sweet and innocent and Balthazar is eager to protect her. Yet she is far from sweet and innocent and about to turn Bianca's world upside down.

Bianca also has to deal with the fact that her parents have been lying to her most of her life and her destiny is not as clear cut as she thinks it will be.

The Romeo and Juliet romance takes even more twists and turns in this book. Lucas, Bianca's love interest, is not in this book as much as the first, but there is an added love interest,creating a lovely love triangle. Balthazar has strong feelings for Bianca and whilst pretending to be her boyfriend, grows ever so close to her. The Romeo and Juliet scenario is made even more obvious throughout the book with constant references to the Shakespearean play as they study it at school. I wonder if the references were put there on purpose for anyone reading with blinkers on who didn't get the gist of the story.

This book also adds another element to the battle between vampires and humans. It sees the arrival of the wraiths, intent on getting justice. It was like watching the UK general elections, as each party battled to take the lead. Humans, vampires and wraiths - let the battle begin.

Bianca has a rough ride through out this book and realises that she can't actually trust anyone. By the end of the book, she end up being put in a very difficult position that goes against every bone in her body.

Just like the first book, this one has a really dark Gothic feel to it. All it's missing is a few oil lamps and some hansom cabs.

I did enjoy this book, probably not as much as the first as the twists and turns didn't leave me gobsmacked, but it was good and there were a few elements of the unexpected. Just like most other readers, I am a bit vampired out, but I think this series is a little different and it is definitely holding my interest.

Just like the last book, it ends on a cliffhanger, so now I have to wait patiently for the next book!

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  1. What a strange cover, quite eerie in a way I think. Sounds ike its worth checking this book out, thanks Vivienne.

  2. I still have Evernight on my wishlist so I skipped reading this review. However, I'm glad that it alerted me to the fact that this is a series! :)

  3. Those cliffhangers are just evil, I should wait to read the first book until all are out

  4. I just haven't managed to drum up interest in all of these vampire books, but when I read reviews, I feel like I'm missing out on something.

  5. After what... getting interested in vampires at around age 6... 7..? Nope still not vampired out at 33 :D :D Love the sound of these ;)

  6. I didn't realize this was a vampire series (so that kind of rules it out for me) but the cover is nice. :)

  7. Love the purple cover! As for the contents, even though you weren't gobsmacked (my new favorite word) at least you found it good. :)

  8. What a great quote from the book. I want to read this! I sort of skimmed your review though as I haven't read the first one. Thank you for the reminder that I must look for this series at my library!

  9. Sounds interesting. I have to admit, I'm getting a bit vampired out myself.

  10. I must admit that I'm not much of a vampire fan, but I do like the cover on this one!

  11. Didn't know that it was a series. I am glad that you enjoyed this one!

  12. I love vampire stories but am laying off them for a while. This one does sound good, though. I will KIV it. :D


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