Wednesday 12 May 2010

Wuthering Wednesday - Week 5

This is Week 6 of the Wuthering Heights Readalong. Joining us in this adventure are:

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After reading such an excellent point by point review last week from JoAnn for this read along, I thought I would give it a go too.

So in order to summarize the last three chapters I have read, I will highlight in points the events that have happened.

  • Catherine passes away ( we all knew that was coming!)leaving a daughter Cathy.
  • Heathcliff becomes distraught and pleads with the dead Catherine to haunt him for the rest of his days.
  • Isabella finally leaves Heathcliff, though leaves carrying his child.
  • Catherine's brother Hindley passes away in a drunken stupor.
  • Heathcliff gains ownership of the property Wuthering Heights, as Hindley left massive debts owing to Heathcliff.
  • Twelve years pass, only to find Isabella has now passed a way, leaving her son Linton homeless.
  • Edgar travels to London to pick up Linton, leaving Cathy,who has led a very sheltered life, almost unattended.
  • Cathy meets the rather unruly Hareton, all grown up now and turning into a mini Heathcliff.

My thoughts.

This book just get more depressing as I read it. I wasn't expecting to attend three funerals within three chapters, but I did. Unfortunately I felt no sympathy for anyone dying within those chapters, as I didn't like any of them.There still isn't a character that I really like in the book, even with the arrival of Cathy and the new grown up version of Hareton. Yet I am still compelled to find out what happens!

Isabella has gone and named her son Linton, after her family's surname, which will just add more confusion to the name situation that I finally thought I had under control. I really wish Emily Bronte had ventured a bit more through the alphabet when choosing character names, there are far too many C's, L's and H's in this book.

The book is still full to the brim of misery and bleakness and I can't see it ever ending. Everyone is still self centred and some have completely lost the plot. Heathcliff is now beginning to scare me a little and I am wondering how far he will go.

What on earth can I expect next?


  1. Although the story is a bit bleak, I don't consider it depressing. I find it almost humourous. Like, how could anyone take these people seriously?

    I laughed out loud over those chapters. Dead. Dead. Dead. Wow. It happened all so quickly. They survived just long enough to let us know how miserable the household really is.

  2. Bleakness and misery yet, like Ti, I'm approaching it from a humorous (almost sarcastic?) angle... and it's fun. Not sure if I like what that says about me!

    Your bullet points are much more succinct than mine! They really help highlight the main developments. I can't imagine what's coming next... but I know it's not going to be cheery!

  3. Cathy, Hindley and Isabella all served their purpose, it was only a matter of time before they got offed out. Now it's the new generation for Master Heathcliff to torment.

  4. I know, it is dark and a bit depressing. And Heathcliff is scary, cold hearted and vengeful.

  5. I'm so glad to be finally caught up to everyone as of today--hopefully I can keep up the momentum this week and post on time!

    I feel like this last chapter with little Cathy was a little more pleasant? but knowing where we were at the beginning with her living in WH doesn't leave much hope, huh? Hard to imagine we're only halfway through! What else can possibly happen?


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