Wednesday 19 May 2010

Wuthering Wednesday Week 7

This is Week 7 of the Wuthering Heights read a long organised by Softdrinks, and which you will find here. Joining us on this adventure are:

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Summary of Chapters 19 to 21

The chapters read this week were fairly short, so it didn't take me long to read them.
Here are the main points covered in these chapters.

  • A letter arrives to announce the imminent return of Mr Linton with his nephew Linton.

  • Cathy is eager to meet her new cousin and runs up the road to meet them.

  • Linton arrives at the house and appears to be a rather sickly and whinging child.

  • Heathcliff sends Joseph to the house to bring his son, Linton to live with him.

  • Next morning, Ellen takes Linton to live with his father, whom he has never heard of, let alone met.

  • Heathcliff is quite disgusted by Linton who holds none of his features or character.

  • Linton is upset to be left in the hands of Heathcliff.

  • Cathy is upset to find her new cousin has gone to live somewhere else.

  • Over the years, Ellen keeps tabs on Linton and finds that he is not a popular lad amongst the residents of Wuthering Heights, however his behaviour is tolerated.

  • Time passes and we return to see Cathy celebrating her sixteenth birthday with a walk right up to Wuthering Heights.

  • Heathcliff invites her in and explains their relationship. Ellen is not happy with the new friendship.

  • Heathcliff tells Ellen of his plans to see Linton and Cathy wed, so that he will eventually own both properties.

  • Cathy is quite taken with Linton. She goes for a walk with Hareton, but Linton gets jealous and follows them.

  • Mr Linton forbids Cathy to see Linton or Heathcliff again.

  • Cathy begins sending letters to Linton, letting their friendship blossom into romance.

  • Ellen discovers the blooming relationship and burns all the letters,threatening to tell her father if she does not stop sending them.

My thoughts

I am beginning to dislike this book the more I read it. I can't help it, as I just don't like anyone in it. Young Cathy appears to me as a spoilt brat on one hand and a prisoner on the other. I can understand her father trying to protect her, but she isn't allowed anywhere on her own and she is sixteen years old. I can just see the teenagers of today standing for such treatment. Young Linton appears as a whining child and I didn't feel sorry for him at all. As for Heathcliff, he just gets nastier by the page.

I really can't say anything nice, but I am compelled to finish it to find out what happens. I have definitely never read anything so morbid and depressing. Here is to a happy ending perhaps! I think not.


  1. Oh dear as bad as that. Its so disappointing when you dislike a book so much and yet feel compelled to read it to the very end - I wish you well in that.

  2. Oh, I am sorry to hear that you begin to dislike it Vivienne. That's really a pity. I remember that it was really depressing to read this book, but at the same time, I was fascinated by it and I really really need to re-read this book soon:)

  3. It's so funny to see you guys go through the process of this book. You're taking just about the same path that I did, first thinking I'd like it, and slowly coming to dislike it more and more.

  4. Morbid and depressing. Yup, I'm with you.

    I can't help but feel that we're in the middle of a vicious cycle. Maybe the key is more freedom--if Cathy (little) had more freedom from her father and Nelly maybe she would be able to make more adultlike and educated decisions. These characters live in a vacuum!!

  5. I'm sorry to hear you dont like it Viv. I know it is morbid and depressing. Heathcliff is a villain. I remember this book being not what I expected, and I really enjoyed it for that.
    Your posts are making me want to re-visit it.

  6. There certainly isn't anyone or anything to like very much here... sorry that it's starting to wear on you. At this point, I'm still very curious to see how it's all going to end. Hoping for some action in the week ahead.

  7. That's beginning to sound like my reaction to it. By the end I didn't even want a happy ending anymore - I was past caring :P


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