Friday 11 June 2010

Bosham Walk

Last week was half term here, and as I mentioned in an earlier post, we spent most of the week out and about, so I thought I would share some photos with you from one of our days out. I do hope to share the other days with you as I go along.

On Bank Holiday Monday, we took the girls, my parents and my niece to a little town called Bosham. I had heard how beautiful it was there and was interested to see for myself.

The town sits upon a river and people are allowed to park there cars right by the river at low tide. However, when high tide comes in you need to move your car. As you can see from the picture below, someone forgot about high tides. Apparently when the owner of the car turned up, he was greeted by loud cheers from everyone watching. This is quite a common past time for residents of Bosham, who enjoy nothing more than watching people forgetting to move their cars!
The village has a little indoor shopping outlet which houses seventeen little shops. Here is a picture of my dad admiring the clocks. I fell in love with the Parisian one above his head.

On the upper floor of the shopping outlet I fell in love with two shops. Firstly, a scrapping shop which had lots of different styles of paper. Secondly, a bead store which is pictured below. This shop had beads of every style and they were all separated by colour. It made me want to make my own jewellery.

We has a walk around the village and we were quite taken by it. It reminded me a lot of Clovelly in Devon which is privately owned. Hubby looked up the prices of the houses when we got home and was gutted to find that a three bedroom terraced house would cost up to £750,000. So I won't be moving to Bosham in the near future.

However, I did want this beautiful newly built thatched house. I just love thatched houses, even though I know they are not practical to live in. As I understand it, you have to replace the roof every 2o years and that does not come cheap.

This stream running down to the river, created lots of mischief amongst the visitors to the village. Everyone was lining up to have a go at swinging across the stream. The girls were desperate to have a go, but I stopped them, being a practical mother as I am. They would have been soaking wet.
The weather was a bit iffy that day, but it didn't stop people turning up armed with picnics and blankets. Definitely a place to take the girls back to in the summer.

My mum really enjoyed the visit and actually went back again this week. Here she is with one of my girlies.
Here is one of the houses right on the water. The room by the wall is a dining room overlooking the water. Oh how the other half live!!

We all really enjoyed our day trip to Bosham and it will definitely be a place I will visit again.
In the meantime, I am off to check my lottery ticket to see if I can afford one of those lovely houses. Wish me luck!


  1. So pretty, and how lovely it must be when the weather is really nice.

  2. Sounds like a LOVELY outing!

    I look forward to seeing the scrapbook layout of all these terrific photos :)

  3. How pretty and what a great advertisement from you. I especially love the thatched cottage.

  4. Wow that place is gorgeous! If I ever get over the UK, that's going to be on my list of places to visit! Love the car picture, & love the clocks! Texas roofs (shingled, not thatched) have to be replaced every 20 years too, despite the shingles saying they're good for 30-50 years, simply because the sun is SO HARSH here.

    It sounds like you guys had a blast!

  5. It looks gorgeous. Don't you just hate people that get to live in houses like that? I love thatcheed roofs too. That one is very intricate isn't it.

  6. LOL...good luck on the lottery. Nice blog...very nice posts with great scenery. I invite you to visit and follow me as I am now following you.

  7. What a lovely get away - I'd probably be one of the people who forgot to move their car.

  8. Oh that picture of the house on the water is sooo beautiful! It sounds like a lovely day trip; I'm quite jealous. :)

  9. wonderful photos viv. I really like that thatched house.
    Bosham sounds really nice.

  10. I loved visiting here along with you through your photos; very nice. I like the clock shop!

  11. Loved your photo tour. The thatched roof house is so Hansel and Gretel. Loved it! I hope you win the lottery. LOL...good luck, Wisteria

  12. Everything is just so lovely, Viv! The house on the water is beautiful. :D

  13. Good luck with the lottery! The town looks enchanting, and I thought it was pretty funny that the people sit around waiting for tourists to forget to move their cars.

  14. Any luck with that lotto ticket? :) I keep hoping to win the lottery, too, but then my husband reminds me I have to actually get a ticket to win.

    Looks like a really nice trip. I love the thatched houses as well but have always wondered how they hold up. And all those beads! Oh my. :)

  15. Wow, gorgeous pictures, Viv. <3 I love the bead shop. I've been wanting to start learning how to make my own jewellery lately. I find it fascinating. I'm so glad you had a lovely time.



  16. Did you win? You haven't posted a new entry so does that mean you are already off getting your new cottage? :)

    Well, I don't blame you for wanting a cottage there. It looks beautiful! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  17. Oh wow, what I wouldn't give to live there. Absolutely beautiful- I love both homes. It would be fantastic to have the money to live in something like that. I'm glad you had a great time!


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