Monday 28 June 2010

DNF: Dear Scott, Dearest Zelda -The Love Letter of F.Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald

My first casualty of the year. I think I have done rather well to get over halfway through the year before I gave up on a book, don't you?

I had attempted to read Dear Scott, Dearest Zelda for my American Journey, as Zelda Fitgerald was born in Alabama and spent her teenage years growing up there.

The book is a vast collection of the letters that passed between Scott and Zelda over the period of their life time together. Knowing how much I love epistolary books, I thought this one would be a wonderful read for me. Alas, it bored me senseless.

Some of the letters that Zelda wrote when she was courting Scott, were interesting and very detailed, yet they all seemed one sided as the replies from Scott were quick telegrams, which didn't really make any sense, especially as Scott was supposed to be the most talented writer within the relationship. The book was structured to cover the timeline of their relationship, yet some letters appeared to be all over the place, as there was no definite time line to them and dates were missing.

In the end, I just found that I got so frustrated with the book that I just couldn't be bothered to read it anymore. I think I would have probably enjoyed a biography of the Fitsgerald's a lot more than this one. I began to feel heavy every time I picked up the book and knew I would never finish it.

So there it is, my first DNF of the year and hopefully my last. I do hate to give up on a book.


  1. Not my cup of tea either by the sounds of it.I love looking at other people's photos but their letters?

    It must have been bad for you to give up on it.

  2. It winds you up as well when you do finally give in doesn't it? Well it does me.

    Viv - in a charity shop down town there is a bio of Daphne Du Maurier - I forget what it was called. I picked it up and thought of you but wasn't certain if you'd want to read it. Would you like me to see if it's still there when I pop down again?

  3. Vivienne that stinks that you didn't enjoy it. I do have this one on my shelf but have been put off because, generally, I don't like epistolary novels. I only purchased it because I find the Fitzgerald's relationship to be so intense.

  4. I guess you can at least say you managed to get through half a year without a DNF book! That's definitely an accomplishment.

  5. That's pretty good if you've gone this like before getting DNF. I think I have run into 4 of them so far this year.

  6. And, it sounded like it would be so good! That is a disappointment. I have had a couple of DNF books this year and I hate it when I get more than half way and just know it's not going to work. Ah well, that happens. I hope your next read is much more interesting!

  7. How like a man that Scott's responses were telegrams :-P

    I just recently had my first DNF of the year, too! Sad, but good for us making it so long!

  8. Sorry to hear this didn't work for you! Maybe the letters are more enjoyable after reading a biography of them?

  9. Why must we feel bad about giving up on a book? I am also very hard on myself that way; I feel like a failure :)

    I feel better knowing that we both went (6) months before it happened :)

  10. I feel you... Sorry to hear that this book is boring. I used to hesitate not finishing a book but these days, I just do it.


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