Tuesday 29 June 2010

Some belated scrapping pages

I made ten scrap pages over a month ago and I still haven't got around to showing them to you. Bad, bad blogger! I thought I would just show five today, as it would have been a very long post. It was the most productive scrap day I have ever had and I am hoping to repeat it this Saturday at scrap club. I have found that I need to plan each layout before I go, so I do normally work from sketches and get all my papers and embellishments ready before I go, that way I can just crack on when I get there.
I have been wanting to do a layout about my cupcake craving for sometime and when I picked up this lovely cupcake paper at Ally Pally I knew I had to get it done. I own so many things with cupcakes on, that they are taking over the household.
I am still desperately trying to get my holiday album finished before I go on holiday again. This picture shows a game called Musical Pick Me Ups, which is similar to musical chairs, only you have to pick the child up. I feel terrible about this game, as I dropped my child first round and I was the only one to drop a child. However, she was a rather tall child and there wasn't a lot of weight difference between us, so it was a bit ambitious on my part.

This one really hasn't come out that clear, so I do apologise for the quality of the picture. It is showing us having fun around the pool. I am very into orange and green at the moment, such fabulous summer colours.
This is a double layout I did, which I have shown individually below. Whilst on holiday, the girls got a little bit sunburnt, which is something they have never got before, so we spent a day out of the sun and stopped at a little bar which is situated out in the sea.
The cocktail embellishments are 3D and were prefect for this layout.
I hope to show the rest of my layouts next week. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Still getting over 10 pages in one day! Wow Vivienne!

    These are all fabby. the cupcakes look delicious on that first one and what a find with the bar in the sea!

  2. The bar in the sea looks like fun - love the girl's hats!

  3. You are so creative! A friend of mine makes cards similar to this and she keeps inviting me to "come play" - I want to see if I can create some bookmarks.

  4. I swear sometimes I see these and think I should begin scrapping again!

  5. OH - I was so excited to see the title of this post. I have wanted to see more of your layouts. They are all so lovely - but I particularly enjoy the double page spread. VERY nice indeed :)

    I was so excited to scrapbook at the beginning of the summer and purchased all kinds of supplies, and then life happened :( I am hoping to print off a few of the 1,000+ photos I took this weekend and create a few pages before school starts again.

    Let's keep each motivated on our writing projects during the month of July - shall we?

  6. You did a great job Vivienne and it looks like you and your family were having a lot of fun. Your posts always make me smile. :) Have a great week!

  7. Carmen - it is the first time it has ever happened. I have never done that many pages before.

    JoAnn - Thank you.

    Bermudaonion - book marks are a fabulous place to start. Not too much paper to fill to begin with.

    Molly - I find scrapbooking is like writing, I find lots of excuses to do neither one and then when I get started I can't stop. I was talking about your writing project this morning. I have a seperate storyline from the present one I am writing and I am tempted to do that through July, just need a couple of extra days to prepare it though. Are you on Facebook?

    Kaye - thank you.

  8. A long time since you last posted about your scrapping, it's good to hear your latest news.

  9. These look great but of course now I want a cupcake :)

    I think you've mentioned this before but I forgot, do your girls also scrap with you?

    I used to belong to a artsy club and we'd meet up once a month and work and projects and do round robins and that was tons of fun. I need to find another like that!

  10. I just love your scrapping pages. You do such a great job. Your girls are really beautiful Viv! Those sunburns looked painful though. Oh yeh, I love the cupcake cup!

  11. You know how much I enjoy your scrapping posts! Beautiful layouts. Beautiful pictures... Your girls are beautiful!


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