Wednesday 2 June 2010

Withering Wuthering Wednesday!

This is Week 9 of the Wuthering Heights read a long organised by Softdrinks, and whose blog you will find here.
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Summary of Chapters 25 to 27.

Here are the main points covered in these chapters.

  • Ellen tells Mr Lockwood that the events only happened a year ago. Huh!
  • Ellen believes Mr Lockwood is in love with Cathy. Huh!
  • She tells Mr Lockwood how in the end Edgar was insistent on meeting Linton, yet both were looming towards death.
  • Cathy and Ellen ride to meet Linton, only to find him gravely ill.
  • Cathy is very disappointed to find Linton in his present state.
  • A week later, leaving her father on his deathbed, Cathy returns to visit Linton.
  • Linton is very distressed by her visit.
  • Heathcliff appears on the scene and is quite beastly to Linton.
  • Heathcliff insists Cathy escorts Linton home, only to then lock Ellen and her in the house.
  • Cathy attempts to retrieve the key and is beaten by Heathcliff for her efforts.
  • Linton reveals to Cathy that Heathcliff plans for them to be wed by morning, so will keep her locked up until then.
  • In the morning, Cathy is allowed out, but Ellen is held a further five nights.

My thoughts

Firstly, I was in shock to discover that the events taking place in the story now were only a year behind the present story telling to Mr Linton. I really had thought the Cathy revealed in the beginning of the book appeared a lot older than that. At the moment in the story, she is still a very young girl and doesn't sound at all like the Cathy now living with Heathcliff.

Secondly, Mr Lockwood in love with Cathy!!! Where did that one come from. I really would never have guessed that two meetings would result in love.

Heathcliff has now turned into even more of a monster than he was before. I can't believe I ever felt any pity for him. He is just pure evil.

I am definitely withering as we make our journey to the end of this book. I have never read such a depressing book. If I was a character in this book, I would have long ago been wearing a strait jacket.

Two more weeks left, what more can happen. I know there are definitely a couple more deaths to occur before the end, yet I feel so blase about them!


  1. It is so fascinating to see you guys go from "ooh what an interesting book!" to "oh gosh please please end now." :D

  2. The time frame was a real revelation to me - I had no idea the events were so recent! I wonder if Lockwood is really in love with Cathy. That seemed to come out of nowhere. I'm ready to wrap this one up now...

  3. "If I was a character in this book, I would have long ago been wearing a strait jacket."

    lol - yep :P

  4. Thanks for the mention of this book! I have it down on my list to read.

  5. lol about the straightjacket comment! have you seen any of the tv versions of wuthering heights? you might find them interesting, I like the BBC one most.

  6. I'm definitely ready for this one to be over. It's so depressing! I agree about Heathcliff - I used to feel sorry for him, but definitely not anymore.

  7. Blase - I love that word.

    Definitely convinced this is not a book for me.

  8. I think part of the problem is only reading three chapters a week--just seems to drag the bad stuff on and on. I'm really looking forward to being done with it! :)

    I was shocked about Lockwood loving Cathy, too! Makes me wonder what will happen in the end?

  9. LOL! I'm loving your reaction to this book. Though I am now not convinced I ever want to read it ;)

    You have an award on my blog Vivienne - would love to see what you come up with :P


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