Wednesday 16 June 2010

Wuthering Wednesday - Bring out the Bunting!

This is final week of the Wuthering Heights read a long organised by Softdrinks, and whose blog you will find here. Joining us on this adventure are:
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Summary Of Final Chapters.
  • Mr Lockwood informs Heathcliff of his decision to quit the Grange.
  • Mr Lockwood tries to attract the attentions of Catherine, but fails dismally.
  • The story moves to September and Mr Lockwood returns to Wuthering Heights and the Grange, only to find Ellen removed from the Grange.
  • Mr Lockwood finds Ellen at the Heights and Ellen informs him that Heathcliff has died.
  • Catherine has fallen in love with Hareton and both will be moving to the Grange in the New Year.
  • Heathcliff seemed to go mad before his death.
  • All's well that end well.

Thank god, Heathcliff finally got what he deserved. I am so glad to see the back of him. He is the most evil character I have ever read about and I want to sing and dance over his demise.

I am over the moon that this book is finished and now I want to burn it, as I have no plans to ever read it again. I am just glad I never had to read it for my A levels as I think I would never have made it to the end.

I don't think the book is badly written, I just think it is so depressing and I have never witnessed so many people dying in such a short space of time. This book is just pure bleakness and really not one for someone to read if they are suffering any form of depression.

I am now going to read something full of humour and happiness, to help me move back into my happy zone.


  1. A huge sigh of relief all round - well done on sticking with this book until the end.

  2. Definitely well done Vivienne :D I get the feeling this was one of those books you end up shouting at as you are reading it? :P I'll miss your WW's *g*

  3. Ironically, I think most people who read this book in high school are the ones who end up loving it for life, whereas most adults who read it for the first time end up hating it.

  4. I couldn't agree more that some humor is very much in order! And wasn't Heathcliff's demise creepy? When his eyes were still open and his mouth creeped into a grin? Eeep! Hopefully Cathy and Hareton end up living a little more happily ever after.

  5. I doubt I'll be reading this one again, but I wouldn't go so far as to burn it - lol! The read-along experience was the most enjoyable part for me. So what book do you have in mind for humor and happiness?

  6. Congrats on finishing Viv especially since it was such a dark and bleak book.

  7. Vivienne, I'm glad you're finished with this one, which was not your cup of tea.:) What will you read next?

  8. I bet you are happy to be rid of healthcliff!
    'He is the most evil character I have ever read about and I want to sing and dance over his demise'<- you crack me up! lol
    I do agree, tho, the depressed should not read this one :)


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