Wednesday 9 June 2010

Wuthering Wednesday - Week 10 ( the end is near!)

This is Week 10 of the Wuthering Heights read a long organised by Softdrinks, and whose blog you will find here.
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Summary of Chapters 28 to 30.

  • Zillah informs Ellen that everyone presumed her disappearance had occurred because she fell down a ditch.
  • Ellen is fuming when let out of Wuthering Heights and searches for Catherine before she leaves.
  • Ellen discovers that her master is at death's door.
  • In searching for Catherine, Ellen runs into a very poorly Linton, who informs her that he is now married to Catherine and that she has behaved very badly and been treated accordingly.
  • Ellen returns to her master and informs him of what has happened to his daughter. Edgar is determined to change his will before he dies. so Ellen sends for the lawyer Mr Green, who never arrives in time.
  • Catherine escapes Wuthering Heights, in time to see her father before he dies.
  • Without the will changed, Catherine's home and fortune fall into the hands of Heathcliff.
  • Heathcliff insists that Catherine returns to Wuthering Heights.
  • Heathcliff admits to Ellen that he has opened up Cathy's grave and that he feels haunted by her.
  • The story returns to the present day and Ellen admits to not having seen Catherine since the day she left the house.
  • Linton dies shortly after Catherine moves into Wuthering Heights.
  • Hareton takes a keen interest in Catherine, only to have his advances coldly spurned.
  • Mr Lockwood is disgusted by Heathcliff's treatment and is determined to leave the property the next day.

My thoughts.

I have never gone from feeling sorry for a character to absolutely hating them in one book! Heathcliff makes me feel sick, he really is a nasty piece of work. His every action has been thought out, making him very cold and calculating. He is pure evil. Poor Catherine, to be treated so badly, yet she does stand up to Heathcliff.

Another two deaths occur and now I keep wondering will anyone else die before the end of the book, as we are rather running low on characters now. I know who I would like to see splutter his last words of hate.

I am pleased that we are nearing the end now, only one more week to go. I am pleased that I read the book and kept going with it. I think if it hadn't been a joint read along, I would have given up long ago, so I have to thank Softdrinks for keeping us persevering with it.

I shall be hanging up the bunting next week in celebration of the end!


  1. Heathcliff was one of few anti-heroes of those times. One can either love him or hate him. Nothing in between. Most hate him. However, when the novel settles down in the psych for sometime, one slowly changes his/her mind about him.

  2. As Ive commented before I've never read this book and the more I read your reviews the more convinced I am that this isn't a book for me.

    Funnny how people seem to either love or loathe Heathcliff, to me he seems to have been over romanticised in many songs/dramas.

  3. Can't wait to hear your final thoughts!!

  4. Your Wuthering Wednesday posts do make me laugh Vivienne - are you sure you don't want to reread it when you've finished? I'm going to miss your recaps!

  5. LOL - that's what I was wondering last week. The book will end when there is nobody left to write about...

  6. Seeing people's reactions to this book change as it progresses has been absolutely fascinating :P

  7. Guatami - you think I might change my mind! Hmmm, doubtful at present time, but I will let you know in a few weeks.

    Petty Witter - you have made the right decision by avoiding this book.

    Amanda - I can hear you laughing at my progress through this book.

    Carmen - I didn't realise I was so entertaining. LOL. Re read it, I would rather burn it.

    JoAnn - at least we will know it is at the end.

    Nymeth - I can't think of any other book that has caused me to react in such a way.

  8. I'm thinking the moors will be a very empty place by the end of this book. It's really only a matter of time...

  9. Vivienne, your comments continue to crack me up! Maybe you'd more enjoy a movie version of this. Or maybe not! :)

  10. Honestly I can't wait to be done with this book also and I started out an advocate for the book! I've spent the whole time searching for justification and have come up with nothing.

    I'll join you in hanging up that bunting! :)

  11. Break out the bunting! Tomorrow is the end!!


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