Monday 25 October 2010

Monday Mail

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I have had a bit of a book buying splurge this week after feeling a little down and already fed up with the cold. I absolutely hate the cold and I am stocking up on comfort reads for the winter ahead. I plan to spend a lot of evenings, once my writing is done, curled up under a blanket on the sofa, with a good book. I am very anti social during the winter. So I went off to the charity shops and the bookstore and came back with this lovely stack of books.

1) Angel by L.A. Weatherley. This is the book I featured on Friday Finds and I knew I would have to buy it after reading the review. I am such a sucker for angels.
2)The MacGregor Brides by Nora Roberts. I am determined to spend December wrapped up in cheesy Christmas films and comfort chick lit Christmas books. I want to immerse myself in Christmas and come out covered in tinsel and glitter.
3) The Christmas Cookie Club by Ann Pearlman - another guilty Christmas pleasure but with cookie recipes too!
4) Tatty by Christine Dwyer Hickey - This book caused quite a stir when it was originally published in Ireland in 2004. It tells the story of Tatty and her alcoholic family.
5) The Bed I Made by Lucie Whitehouse - this is Lucie's second book after 'The House at Midnight.' Lucie's books have been described as having a Gothic feel which as you know really appeals to me.

The three books above were bought from the library.
1) The Summer Book by Tove Jansson - how excited was I to get this. I do love Tove Jansson and I can't wait to read this one about a young girl and her grandmother who tell their dreams and memories whilst on an island in the Gulf of Finland.
2) The Silver Sword by Ian Serrailler. This is a book that I remember vividly from my childhood. I can remember being in my last year at junior school and my teacher, Mrs Fairchild, reading this every afternoon before we went home. So finding this book really took me back and I can't wait to read it. The book tells the story of four children moving through war torn Europe.
3) The Silent Sin by Anna Sicking. This is a Dutch translation.This is a book about obsession.

 This is a real find for me. I have moaned about wanting to read W.Somerset Maughan and look what I found in the charity shop. A book containing six of his stories and including The Painted Veil, which is one I have been desperate to read. I am over the moon about this find.
What books did you find this week?


  1. Some great choices. I know exactly what you mean about the cold and snuggling up with a good book. I like the look of The Christmas Cookie Club - I'm hoping to do a Christmas reading challenge again this year and this sounds ideal.

  2. Hope u feel better this week Viv. Great stack of books there. I wasn't impressed with the Christmas Cookie Club when I read it last year, but perhaps it will work for you. Enjoy them all.

  3. The Maugham is a great find - I loved The Painted Veil! Also like the sound of The Christmas Cookie Club and The Summer Book.

  4. I squeed when I saw the Maugham book!! I've read all six of those novels! The only one I didn't really like was Moon & Sixpence, and Liza of Lambeth was very obviously his first novel so it's a little less thought out, but all the rest except Cakes & Ale are among my favorites. I read Cakes & Ale long enough ago that I actually don't remember it, so I should reread it soon!

    I'm anti-social in the summer, but the summers are much, much hotter here, and the winters are much warmer...

    I hope your Oct Novel is going well!! I'm planning to do more planning today now that I'm *almost* over this illness!

  5. My dear, I think it's time for an intervention! I haven't had a chance to respond to comments yet--hope to by lunch time today--but your comment cracked me (and everyone else) up. I haven't read any of these, but I'd love to be in a Christmas Cookie Club in real life!

  6. You deserve it, when winter comes you need some nice comfort reads :)

  7. New books always make me feel better! I can't believe it's time to think about Christmas books already, but I've made my stack too.

  8. I really liked The Painted Veil. Enjoy your new books!

  9. Petty Witter - I may join you with the Christmas challenge. I really want to go full steam ahead with Christmas reading this year.

    Diane - Oh no. You didn't like it. I wonder if I will like it.

    JoAnn - I am so excited about the Maugham book.

    Amanda - when I picked up the Somerset Maugham one I thought of you and knew you would be pleased. Sorry to hear you have been poorly.

    Trish - I am glad I made you laugh this morning. I would love to be a member of a cookie club too.

    Blodeuedd - thank you.

    Bermmudaonion - it is a bit scary to think that Christmas is so close.

    Anna - thank you.

  10. Oh, I hope you like The Summer Book! It's a lovely, lovely read. I actually got to meet Tove's niece Sophia yesterday, who shares a name with the book's main character and was the inspiration for her. But more on that for a future blog post :P I like what you said about stocking up for winter comfort reading. That's how I'm going to start thinking of my crazy recent book acquisitions :P

  11. A Nora Roberts Christmas book? I'll have to look for that. Have a good week!

  12. Nymeth - envy runneth over! You got to meet Tove's niece. I can't wait to hear more. I thought of you when I picked up The Summer Book.

    Mary - Nora Roberts is rather new to me, so I will let you know how I get on.

  13. Wow! So many enticing books! The Summer Book sounds especially appealing at the moment. I hope you enjoy all of your new books, Vivienne.

  14. The Maugham is a wonderful find. All six stories in one book! The Bed I made - would like to see what you think of this. Nice haul of books . Enjoy.

  15. Ooooh... you've found some really good stuff! I like that you have one by Nora Roberts too. :D

  16. The Christmas Cookie Club sounds like a must read for the holiday season. I'll keep my eye out for it. I have just finished Crescendo so I am kind of drawn to Angel too. Great mailbox!

  17. Those are some great books to snuggle up with. Happy reading :)

  18. The silver sword - fantastic - have many memories of that...


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