Wednesday 17 November 2010

He's Making A List.....

Christmas is creeping up on us and I know that if I shut my eyes just for a minute, the Christmas trees will be up and decorated and the mulled wine will be wafting from the kitchen.  So as I mentioned earlier this month, I intend to immerse myself in the festive season.  I will be making my Christmas journal once again, but this year I hope to also watch loads of cheesy Christmas movies, as well as read lots of Christmas fiction.

Now I know a few of you have felt like doing the same, but have struggled to find many books to fit into that category. Well fear not, for I am flying to your rescue. Due to one evening of procrastination, rather than writing for NaNoWriMo, I found that it was my utmost duty to compose a list of Christmas novels for your perusal.  

I nearly forgot to mention I am not the only mad person who has composed a Christmas Reading List. The rather talented Verity at Cardigangirlverity has also made a list and we both decided to share them with you today, so do pop over to Verity's blog through the link on the line above.

I have found an abundance of books, so I hope within my list you find something that peaks your interest during the festive season.

33) London Christmas by Marina Cantacuzino - anthology of seasonal memories

35) Snow by Orhan Pamuk - east meets west, istanbul


  1. Phew! That's a big list! I shall have to go through it more thoroughly when I get a moment. How is your novel going??

  2. What a wonderful list, Vivienne! I've actually never read a christmas story but I would like to. Comedy or chick-lit sounds good for getting into that Christmas spirit.

    I'm going to save this post so that I can find myself a nice Christmas read.

  3. What a neat list! Debbie Macomber is a name I hear a lot during this festive season. I've just finished Wendy Markham's If Only in My Dreams and I loved it. A bit of a tear-jerker but with an ending that is satisfying.

  4. Verity - thank you. Novel is going OK. I have got a bit sidetracked as I found out about a local writing competition, which I decided to enter. My entry should be finished and posted today, so hopefully I can get back to my NaNoWriMo story.

    Ladybug - I love reading Christmas novels during the festive season, it helps to keep me sane and merry.

    Alice - I don't think I have heard of Wendy Markham, I must check her out.

  5. Excellent list! I'm deciding between a couple of novels or short stories for my holiday reading.

  6. Wowie --- am I glad that you procrastinated :) I am going to favorite place this post and refer to it often during the season.

    I hope to go through the few Christmas books that I have on hand and post a list of possible titles that I will read this holiday. Perhaps I can add to this list.

    I am very much in the mood to scrapbook. I am hoping that over Thanksgiving break (next week) I can find the time to organize and start creating.

  7. What a great idea - I always watch as many Christmas films as I can in the run up - my Dad bought me It's a Wonderful Life last year (Yay!) Never thought to do it with books too. I'll be coming back to this list as well ;)

  8. Many thanks Vivienne - I can't begin to tell you how useful this might be. I don't really want to be buying books but our library has not been able to get hold of any of the books so far suggested - I'm going to print off this list and hopefully, fingers crossed, they'll able to get hold of at least some of them. Thanks again.

  9. Jo Ann - I am going for the big books. I want to get lost in Christmas.

    Molly - I hope you find some you like on the list. I tried to make it as interesting as possible. I hope to get some scrapbooking done through December.

    Carmen - I just couldn't resist it. I love Christmas too much and really want to go to town this year.

    Petty Witter - I have to thank you for giving me the idea in the first place. I knew you were struggling to find books, so this should help you. I got most of my books off the library list, so hopefully your library will have them too.

  10. What a cool list! I'm afraid I have very few on mine. I want to read Let It Snow, Dash & Lily's Book of Dares, and then I know there was another but I can't think of it for the life of me! I didn't realize Cold Comfort Farm had sequels. I plan to read CCF next year in my classics project, so maybe around Christmas I'll read the Christmas sequel! :D

  11. Well, Vivienne, I'd say that was a pretty productive night of procrastination!

    Hope the writing's going well!

  12. Oh my goodness that is quite the list! I read A Redbird Christmas last year--definitely a feel good one.

    Christmas books isn't my forte, but I could make a mean Christmas Song or Christmas movie list! ;)

    Hope NaNo's treating you well! Looks like you've made great progress so far!

  13. Great book list Viv.
    I do look forward to the cheesy Christmas movies.

  14. What a wonderful list! Thanks for sharing...I shall have to check some of these out.

    And congrats on NaNo progress!

  15. Hi

    I found your blog through Verity. What a list of books, I am off now to look at them on Amazon.

    I think the only one for me as a definite this year will be a Debbie Macomber. Big cup of tea, cake and the sofa with a blanket.Bliss

  16. I love your opening sentences: "Christmas is creeping up on us and I know that if I shut my eyes just for a minute, the Christmas trees will be up and decorated and the mulled wine will be wafting from the kitchen. So as I mentioned earlier this month, I intend to immerse myself in the festive season." Wonderful!

    And what a marvelous list (complete with links)! You really put a lot of time and thought into it. Thank you, Vivienne! I am sure I will refer to your list often. :)

  17. Oh my goodness... What a list! I can't believe you put that all together. I hate to admit that I'm not very fond of Christmast books. I think it's just because I've read some not very good ones that involved a lot of recipes and I can't cook! haha... I didn't know Maugham wrote a Christmas story though. I will have to check that out.

  18. WOw. That is some list. I've been thinking this year of possibly reading a few Christmas themed books.. I have Let It Snow and a Fannie Flagg book. Maybe..

  19. Vivienne, this is a fantastic list! I love how you have included books in all different genres!

    I have one to add, I received this book from the author and it sounds like a wonderful story "The Reindeer Keeper" by Barbara Briggs Ward

    Thank you!
    ~ Amy

  20. Wow, that is quite the list Viv! I read The Redbird Christmas and really liked it. The Snow Globe I just read was really good too. I don't usually read too many Christmas books but I do want to fit in A Christmas Carol this year and maybe a few Debbie Macomber ones too.

  21. What an impressive list. I noticed some YA books in there and would like to (humbly) suggest one that I wrote called TRUCE: The Day the Soldiers Stopped Fighting. It's about the spontaneous truce that developed along the western front during WWI (1914) which involved over 110,000 soldiers and officers. The commanding generals (safely back at headquarters over 20 miles from the front lines!)hated this truce but could do nothing to stop it. In one section, the truce lasted until Easter. Have a Happy -- and peaceful -- Christmas.


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