Friday 3 December 2010

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

I know I said I would be back on Wednesday but it didn't happen. My week got taken over by a serious snow visitor that made itself at home. It came down quickly and heavily and decided to stay awhile. Keeping the children off school and in desperate need of entertaining, constant feeding and refueling in order to keep playing in the snow.
 I haven't seen snow like this since I was about eighteen and living in Essex. We have had more snow this year than I have seen in the seven years we have lived here. Normally we miss every little bit of snow as we are near the coast.
 I was getting quite irate on Tuesday when every news programme and weather forecast showed how Britain was gripped by heavy snow and we didn't even have an icicle growing off the conservatory. Then Wednesday morning, we woke up to about an inch of snow. School was still open, so the girls and I braved the elements by walking a mile and a half to school. I was not prepared to risk crashing my car on ice. As the day wore on, the snow kept falling and it was getting rather serious. Luckily hubby was at home, as he was unable to get to work and went to pick the girls up. He has a car that is built for bad weather and I actually call the car Nasher, as it eats up the snow.
 The snow kept falling through the night and when we woke up yesterday morning, there was about six inches of snow.  England came to a complete standstill. We are rubbish when it comes to snow and just cannot function. So school was shut and we headed out to play in the snow.
 Hubby says I look like a soldier!

So as you can see my week has been hijacked!

I haven't even begun to make my Christmas journal, so I am already three days behind. I hope to get around to it today.  I haven't written a book review all week and I have a stack of them left to do.  I haven't even read anyone's blogs this week, so I do hope to get around today. 

I hope you like the seasonal look to my blog. I was feeling rather festive with all this snow around.


  1. It IS cold - we seem to have escaped most of the snow in Oxford, for once... Must have been fun having a couple of snow days even if it played havoc with your plans.

    I love the Christmas wallpaper you have on your blog! Fab!

  2. I am so bad, I am always amused and jealous when other countries close of schools cos of snow. That has never happened here, once I had to walk to the bus with snow coming up to my knees, and once when it was -30c I my mum told me to stay home. I did and so did half the school ;) The other half had to sit with their coats on because the heating system went down, and still they were not sent home. But then snow and the cold does not bother us, we are used to having it for over 5 months a year.

    How I wish we had snow days :(

  3. in times like these, i always feel like there's a snow storm coming any minute. it is just so cold and we are all stuck. i want to hibernate now

  4. Great winter pictures!! :-) I feel so christmassy now :-)

  5. I love the Christmasy look! The snow in your photos looks pretty but I know from experience that it's not fun to drive in. We're expecting our first snow storm tonight but only a few inches. Good luck with your Christmas journal :-)

  6. WOW...It looks beautiful. We have had very mild weather thus far (no snow or heavy rains yet).

  7. I LOVE snow days! So glad you allowed yourself to take the time off and enjoy the magical winter wonderland. You created lasting memories :)

  8. The snow is beautiful! I live in what is usually a very snow area and we have had next to none this year... guess I know where it's all gone.

  9. So so SOOOO jealous! I've NEVER seen snow. LOL, true fact.

  10. I am jealous of your snow!!! :D

    Love the new look, and that book you're currently reading with the hands in gloves and the present in them? That's nearly identical to the book I'm posting about today: Let it Snow! I think the present on my cover is green though, but it's the same hands. :D

  11. Wow, that is crazy! It's cold here, but no snow. Snow is a rarity here, especially this early in the season. Your hubby's right - you do look like a soldier. The pictures are gorgeous!

  12. The snow in Essex is just as bad, this is my fourth snow day from school :) I do need to go and scrape all the snow of my car soon though before it freezes up - not a job I'm looking forward to.
    Hope you're managing to get some reading done while at home x

  13. Wow look at all that lovely snow! We've only had flurries so far but we're expecting to get several inches over the weekend and I'm weirdly excited, though not so much for the cleanup aspect, I just want it to look like winter, you know?

    Loooove the new blog background / header btw. Those cupcakes looks amazing!

  14. Lovely festive look Viv!

    I love the pictures. It's nice to see someone else get it - sorry. lol. I saw on our news here that you had gotten a lot of snow and that things had come to a standstill. I know you aren't used to it there but here 6 inches is a drop in the bucket. You don't get really, really cold there though do you? We're supposed to get some snow today so we'll have to see. Last night it rained a bit on our snow which isn't good at all.

    Enjoy that snow - I bet the girls are!

  15. Verity - I thought the whole of England got hit by the snow, I didn't realise there were some places still with out. Glad you like the festive look.

    Blodeuedd - - 30 - OMG. We definitely wouldn't cope with that! We are really useless when it comes to bad weather.

    Buy Wow Mage - know what you mean.

    Willa - thank you. I am in the festive mood.

    Mary - thank you. I hope you get your snow.

    Diane - thank you. I hope you get your snow soon.

    Molly - just hope we get some snow for Christmas now. We have never had a white christmas.

    JoAnn- lol - sorry we have your snow, but it is about time we got some.

    Christina - really? Never ?

    Amanda - I will send some too Funny about the similar covers. I wish they wouldn't do it though. How hard is it to get another photo.

    Kathy - it is quite rare here too, so we are making the most of it.

    Katrina - we have four snow days at the beginning of the year, and it is enough to drive you nuts. Hope it clears for you soon.

    Jen - I like to look at it too. I also like to be the first person to step in it.

    Dar - we wouldn't cope with too much snow. We have temperatures of minus 10 during the night. Up in Scotland it reached minus 25. A bit scary really.

  16. Snow is lovely when it does not effect our lives!

    My road is now like an ice rink! Great!

    Love the festive theme - I could just eat one of them cakes.

  17. I love the holiday look of your blog! The first thing I noticed were the new scrumptious cupcakes. And what gorgeous photos! I can admire them, without being cold. Very lovely post! :)

  18. I love the snow pics! Your girls must be having so much fun with that. We never get snow here either, so it's a big treat when it happens.

  19. Lovely pictures, lovely festive look to your blog page too! We had snow here in Seattle also, the week of our Thanksgiving holiday and basically everything here comes to a complete standstill also. Hills everywhere, and when there is a layer of ice under the compacted snow cars are useless.
    Hope you have a great weekend and feel you get your time back.

  20. wow, so much snow! I'm not ready for that here. It's always such a pain to commute in.

    Great photos. Very nice post!

  21. You look adorable and definitely ready for winter weather :)

    The snow looks so pretty but I know I'd go crazy being homebound due to the snow. Then again, I may actually finish more books that way!

  22. You are one pretty soldier! LOL. Love the pictures. How I wish I could feel the snow... :D


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