Wednesday 5 January 2011

December Round Up

I thought now might be a good time to round up the books that I read in December. I would love to tell you how many I read all year, but I need to do a little housekeeping on my book lists, as they went a bit haywire from September onwards.

I read nine books in December, which I am more than pleased with as I spent most of the festive period, feeling rather poorly and watching really cheesy Christmas movies (not to mention eating lots of very bad food to make me feel better).

Here is the list of nine books that I read.

1) Christmas Eve At Friday Harbour by Lisa Kleypas
2) Henrietta's War by Joyce Dennys
3) I Am Four by Pittacus Lore
4) Unearthly by Cynthia Hand
5) A Redbird Christmas by Fannie Flagg
6) Mrs Harris Goes to Paris by Paul Gallico
7) A Christmas Guest by Anne Perry
8) All I Want For Christmas by Amy Silver
9) Comfort and Joy by India Knight.

I read some fantastic books this month. I hate to admit again after all the commotion with I Am Four, but I really did enjoy that book. Unearthly was also the best YA angel book I have read so far too.
Out of the five Christmas books I read, the ones I most enjoyed were A Redbird Christmas and All I Want For Christmas.  I know I have some reviews outstanding, so I will probably write a couple of posts with mini reviews over the next few days to help catch up. I would like to be 2010 review free by next week.

I also need to show you my Christmas loot. Too many posts and not enough blog posts!


  1. I really enjoyed I Am Number Four and I'm reading Unearthly at the moment so I'm thrilled to see you loved it. I'm still doing review catch-up from 2010; good luck with yours :)

  2. Just what the doctor ordered - good books, cheesy films and lots of non-too-healthy food. Here's hoping you are now feeling 100%.

  3. I've not read or heard any of those that you've listed here, but they sound delightful. I also have a long list of outstanding reviews and I am thinking maybe not doing any of the old ones at all, but start anew.

  4. Vivienne, I don't know how you managed to read so much during December!

    The new cupcakes are divine!

  5. wow, 9 books in december? that's a great tally and the only way i get that many read is by listening to audiobooks on my commute each day! looking forward to your reviews. happy 2011! :)

  6. Nine books is great especially with all you had going on during the Christmas season!

  7. you did alot of reading considering December is a hectic month!

  8. A great list of December books. I'm glad you're feeling better now - Hope you stay that way what with the stupid rain we've been having lately. :S


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