Monday 31 January 2011

Life As We Know It! All My Funny Bits In One Place!

I got an email from a lovely friend telling me that she couldn't find one of my funny posts. So I thought it would be better to put them all in one place.  So from now on, all 'Life As We Know It!' posts will be listed here.

1) Ophiuchus!Isn't He The Guy From The Matrix films?

2) My Dog Doesn't Love Me.

3) My Husband Is My Pimp!

4) Wanted: Safe Return of Creative Muse


  1. Good idea, Vivienne. You could even make a "page" of these posts.

  2. Suko - I would if I knew how to do it in Blogger. Grr! Technical brain malfunctioning.

  3. Can at least for now, be found on my side bar.

  4. good idea viv! I enjoyed all these. Especially the Ophiuchus one :)

  5. cool idea, off to check out one of your posts :)


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