Wednesday 25 May 2011

The Western Mysteries UK Blog Tour

As you can see from the fabulous poster above, Caroline Lawrence's UK blog tour to celebrate the release of  the Western Mysteries series begins on the 1st June. Caroline will be stopping by on my blog on the 6th June to tell us about the five favourite places she likes to write.
The book looks fantastic and has me reaching for my stetson! I will be reviewing it very soon.


  1. This looks really fun and different - you don't come across too many Western stories! will have to check out the book tour to find out more!

  2. Vvienne, how fabulous to be on this tour! And to see your blog url on this announcement! I look forward to reading this post on June 6.

  3. Hannah- I get the feeling Westerns about to be huge again!

    Suko - I am so happy to be on this tour. It makes me feel all warm inside.


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