Monday 27 June 2011

The Awfully Big Blog Adventure Literary Festival!

Have you heard about the first ever online literary festival that is taking place 'virtually' over at on the 9th and 10th of July? It is going to be a HUGE!

If you have never visited the Awfully Big Blog Adventure then you should. It is full to the brim with posts from some of our best loved authors.

The online festival will include lots of our fantastic children's authors who will be posting for the event. From Liz Kessler to Lucy Coats and from Andrew Strong to Celia Rees. A whole host of exciting posts to keep you busy for two days.  Click here to see the itinerary. The festival will run from 9.30am until 7.30pm each day with new posts coming up every half hour. Expect to see some vlogs, interviews and great giveaways too.

If you are on Twitter, follow the hashtag #ABBAlitfest to find out more. There is also a dedicated Facebook page too.

I know where I will be on the 9th and 10th of July, how about you?


  1. I hadn't heard about this so thanks for the info!

  2. i shall have to look at this event after the fact because i'll be away and no internet but sounds like an excellent event! thanks for the info!

  3. This sounds so good, I can't wait to see what they pull out of the bag. I'll be there :D

  4. Thanks for this info, Vivienne! I hadn't heard of it before.

  5. Jules - no problem

    Sisterspooky - it will be huge!

    Jesse - I am really excited by this one too.

    Suko - No problem.


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