Monday 6 June 2011

The Western Mysteries Extract and Giveaway!

So you have been inspired by Caroline Lawrence's favourite places to write in the previous post today? How would you like to read an extract from the book now?

Here is the link for the extract to the first couple of chapters from The Case of the Deadly Desperados. Please make sure your copy of  Adobe Reader is up to date on your PC before reading, otherwise you won't be able to access it.

I am reading this book at the moment and I have to say it is really good. I can feel the urge for more Western style reading coming on.

If you are in need of a quick Western fix. Check out the trailer for the book.

Or perhaps you would like to listen to Caroline talking about how she came up with the series.

Now I can tell you are desperate to read this book so I will put you out of your misery and let you enter the competition to win one of two signed copies of the book. I am afraid this is a UK only competition, but I do have an international competition running on the blog this week too.

Just fill out the form and leave a comment for Caroline in the comments box. You don't have to be a follower to enter, but it would be lovely if you could tweet or blog about this competition.

The Caroline Lawrence UK blog tour is getting back on the horse and riding over to Thirst For Fiction tomorrow, make sure you stop by and say Howdy!


  1. This is on my library wishlist :D :D I would love to win a copy for school :D

  2. Thanks for the giveaway, this one sounds interesting.

  3. We really must get some new speakers for the computer as I'm missing out on so many videos. Thanks for the link to read those chapters though, I'm away there now. Oh and thanks for the giveaway as well.

  4. Whoops, pressed the wrong key. My question is why are western style novels not more popular amongst women?

  5. I love the Roman Mysteries series so am really looking forward to reading the Westerns!

  6. I think my daughter (7) and I would both love this series. :-)


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