Thursday 14 July 2011

Angel's Fury Author Tour with Bryony Pearce

I am delighted today to have Bryony Pearce stopping by the blog as part of her debut  book tour for Angel's Fury.Angel's Fury was published by Egmont this month.

Bryony has done a guest post outlining the 5 places she would really like to write about next.
Five places I want to write about by Bryony Pearce.

Well I’ve already written about the past (said to be a foreign country) in Angel’s Fury, where I combine flashbacks to Nazi Germany with a hospital / manor in Yorkshire. My second book is set in London with a prologue in Egypt and my third is in a futuristic America devastated by the eruption of Yellowstone, so as you can see I’m pretty varied with my settings.

A writer friend, Sarwat cunningly set his recent novel Dark Goddess in Russia, and of course had to have an extended break there to make sure the scene setting was realistic. His next book was set in India – cue another holiday.

So perhaps I should approach this according to where I’d most like to do my research …

Unfortunately my brain simply doesn’t work that way. Yes, it would be amazing to set a book in Thailand and have to do a month or so worth of research out there, but sadly I’m more excited by totally inaccessible locales:

1. Another dimension. I already have an outline brewing about a character who slips from one dimension to another a bit like The Time Traveller’s Wife. It raises questions about what you’re willing to accept as ‘real’ or as ‘your own’ – for example if the only change you can detect is the colour of your mother’s hair, could you just accept that dimension and stay there even though it isn’t really yours? (Of course there’s an end of the world scenario involved and the science will be so much fun to research).

2. Outer space. I’m keen to write a proper sci-fi book. This setting places wonderful environmental limits on characters and can have a huge impact on the story. Likely to be aliens and exploding space ships – what’s not to like?

3. Underground. Like outer space, the world beneath our feet has a wonderful amount of potential for the environment to impact on the storyline – darkness, claustrophobia, danger, discovery, moments of stunning beauty – a cave system would have it all. Perhaps the one in Gibraltar, if we’re being specific.

4. Talking of an environment that impacts the story I’d love to write a longer story set in Egypt. I’ve always been fascinated by Egyptian mythology and at least this is one place I can visit to do research. However, I think Stargate might have wrapped that one up.

5. That said I think some of my best passages of Angel’s Fury are set in the locale I’ve visited (my parents are in Cumbria) and it gives the book a real grounding, so I would like to find a way to write about some of the other places I’ve lived and loved such as Cambridge and Bollington, Cheshire!
It will be interesting to see if Bryony uses these destinations in any of her future books. 

Bryony Pearce will be back later in the summer talking about her Big Break into publishing. I will also be reviewing her new book 'Angel's Fury' at the same time. So I look forward to spending time with Bryony again very soon. 

The next stop on Bryony's book tour is at the gorgeous Carly's blog Writing From The Tub on the 18th of July. 


  1. Thanks for the intro to Bryony. What a fascinating post, here's to a novel set in Egypt.

  2. That was a lovely post. I think I would love to set a book somewhere and go there for the holiday :) - that would be just fantastic :)

  3. This was a really great one to read! I'm excited about this book even more now :)

  4. Sounds nice :)
    Oh and I hope you get to write that book one day

  5. Wow! This author has a lot of great ideas! Excellent guest post, Vivienne.

  6. Lovely guest post! I haven't heard of Angel's Fury before so I look forward the your review, Vivienne, and the interview with Bryony of course.

  7. LOl Bollington isn't very many miles from me and I pass through there often.

    OOh yes, Egypt is so rich in mythology it makes an excellent setting. There's always room for another.


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