Monday 18 July 2011

Favourite New York Films by Keris Stainton

Keris Stainton joins us today during her month long celebration of the publication of Jessie Hearts New York. She is here to tell us about her favourite films set in New York. 

At the back of Jessie Hearts NYC are a few pages of lists of my favourite New York-y things. I thought I'd expand on the film list since I tried to keep it short and sweet in the book! 

When Harry Met Sally
The first time I saw this film, I didn't like it at all. The second time I saw it I really liked it. And now it's my favourite film of all time. Oddly enough, that's sort of how things go for Harry and Sally too. It's funny, sweet, charming and New York looks amazing. It's also one of the few romcoms that men seem to enjoy just as much as women. 

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
Oh Michael Cera, how I love you. If he'd been around when I was a teen (or if I was 25 years younger), I'd be obsessed. And in Nick & Norah he co-stars with Kat Dennings who I would've wanted to be (still wouldn't mind, actually, she's fabulous). I loved the book and I actually watched the film two nights in a row. Ace. 

You've Got Mail
I would love this movie for the animated titles alone. I love Meg Ryan's bookshop AND her apartment. It's set in the same part of New York as Jessie Hearts NYC - Kathleen and Joe go to Gray's Papaya and sit in Verdi Square - and the ending always makes me well up. I just wish Meg Ryan's character had been able to keep her bookshop - losing that gorgeous place was NOT a happy ending. (NB: I went on a New York TV and film tour years ago and we went to Kathleen's bookshop, which was actually a cheese and antique shop (!). The tour guide went on about how much bigger the shop looked in the film than in real life and how that was accomplished with clever camera angles. But in the DVD extras Nora Ephron explains that the shop's interior wasn't used in the film. Pah.)

Remember Me
I can't really say much about this one in case anyone hasn't seen it, but it blew me away. It also taught me (finally) to appreciate RPattz. And New York looks great, natch. 

Mad Hot Ballroom
Mad Hot Ballroom is a documentary about underprivileged New York children learning ballroom dancing, which doesn't exactly sound like a treat, I know. But the combination of the amazingly funny and charming children, ballroom dancing joy, and New York is unbeatable. It'll make you laugh and cry, I guarantee*. (Actually, even the trailer makes me laugh and cry

*This is not a guarantee ;) 

Thank you Keris for sharing this list with us.
If you would like to know more about Keris, then check out her blog here.

Jessie Heart NYC is a fabulous read and definitely one for the summer. Look out for the gorgeous gold cover in book shops now. 


  1. Thanks so much for this, Viv. And if anyone watches the Mad Hot Ballroom trailer, please tell me if it made you cry! :)

  2. nice to meet you Keris and thanks for introducing me to some great sounding films - I'm sorry to say I've only ever watched one of these which was When Harry Met Sally and to be honest I can remember very little about it apart from 'that scene'.

  3. I really enjoyed watching Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist too. I haven't read the book, but it's on my tbr pile. The cover for Jessie Heart NYC is lovely! I've always wanted to go to New York. I will definitely have to check it out! :)

  4. Hello Petty Witter. Nice to meet you too. You should watch WHMS again - THAT scene isn't really representative of the rest of the film. It's so well written and very funny.

    Thanks, Renu. :)

  5. Great post, I will have to add a couple of those to my to watch list though I'm still unsure about Remember Me.

  6. Remember Me :'(
    What a great list of films. :D

  7. I love so many of these - I really should check out the others! Especially the movie version of Nick and Norah, since I loved the book.

  8. I love When Harry Met Sally - it's one of my all time favorites! Another good one is Annie Hall - at least I think it's set in NY.

  9. Nice to meet you :D
    Awww You got mail, I do like that one too

  10. Gah! Left a big comment and it disappeared! So this time I'll just say 'Thanks, everyone'! :)

  11. Keris you have great taste in movies too! You've got Mail is my mums favourite movie ever which means Ive seen it about 10000000 times! lol but It never disappoints!

  12. these are some of my favourite movies let alone favourite new york movies. when harry met sally is a classic!

    i've seen you've got mail too many times to be legally ok.

  13. Thanks everyone for leaving such lovely comments for Keris. Apologies for not being around as presently experiencing my busiest week ever! Sorry.

  14. Thanks, Raimy and SisterSpooky. But the shop! Where she twirled! :(

  15. Great films I must check out Remember Me. x


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