Sunday 14 August 2011

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Hello my lovelies! Have you missed me?
I have been away all week in Devon with my family. I would love to say it was fabulous, but I would be lying as the weather was extremely rubbish and made us feel like caged animals. That will teach me to put my trust in the UK weather. 
Anyway, it was lovely to return home and discover a huge stack of parcels just waiting for me to open.

 1) The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh - You have to agree with me on the cover lusting here on this one. It is rather WOW! This book is released by Macmillan on the 18th August and was subject to a nine publisher auction last year.

2) Deception by Lee Nicholls . This a new series to be published by Bloomsbury  going under the series title of Haunting Emma. Bloomsbury are also bringing Betrayal out too which is the second one in the series.

3) Misfit by Jon Skovron - I love this cover too. This is published in August by Abrams and Chronicle Books,   an American publisher who have recently set up an office in the UK. This one is a paranormal book recommended by the fantastic Holly Black.

4 + 5) Shimmer and Radiance by Alyson Noel. These are the first two books in her Middle Grade Riley Bloom series. Shimmer was released on the 5th August.

6) Vengence by Kate Brian - This is the final installment in the scandalous Private series. I haven't read any of these but I understand that they are excellent for Gossip Girl fans. Will this book read as a standalone? We will see.

7) After Obsession by Carrie Jones and Steven E. Wedel. Carrie Jones already has a successful writing career with her books Need, Captivate and Entice.This is her first collaboration with adult fantasy writer Steven E. Wedel. It is published by Bloomsbury on September 5th.

8) The Haunting of Charity Delafield by Ian Beck. I am quite excited by this book, as it was mentioned  during the Random House Blogger Event. Ian Beck is well known as an illustrator and actually created Elton John's Yellow Brick Road album cover. This book tells the story of a Charity growing up in a vast, isolated house.

9) Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan is published by Macmillan in October. A little bit of dystopian fiction for the winter as I delve into the first book in the Sky Chasers trilogy.

10) Abandon by Meg Cabot. Just going to squee here for a bit! Published by Macmillan on the 1st September. Set on the moody storm battered island off the coast of Florida, Abandon is the first book in the brand new seductive trilogy. This book utilises the story of Persephone and Haydes.

11) Kill All Enemies by Melvin Burgess - there is a huge blog tour for this book occurring very soon, so do watch out for it. This book is released by Penguin in September. This book is described as hard hitting, shocking and powerful, written by the godfather of teen fiction.

12) Wired by Robin Wasserman is published by Simon and Schuster in August and is the third and final book in this science fiction series. This whole series has slipped under my radar, so I am looking forward to reading it.

13) The Blackhope Enigma and 14) The Crimson Shard both by Teresa Flavin. The Blackhope Enigma is available to buy now. The Crimson Shard is the second book in the series and comes out in October. Both books are time travel stories. Can't wait, I do love a bit of time travel. 

15) Velvet by Mary Hooper. I loved Fallen Grace which I read recently and I am very excited to be taking part in the blog tour for this book. It is released on the 5th of September by Bloomsbury and is also set in the Victorian period. 

16) Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts is released in September by Macmillan. This book sounds a little too real. Moments after several huge earthquakes shake every continent on the Earth, something strange begins to  happen. An inner rage has been released and some people cannot fight it....

17)The Hidden by Jessica Verday is the third and final book in she Sleepy Hollow series and is release in September. 

18) Hades by Alexandra Adornetto. This is the second book in the Halo series and Kirsty from The Overflowing Library has kindly lent to me in return for a review. I really enjoyed Halo, so I am looking forward to reading this one.

Phew! That is my week in books! 


  1. Ohhh what a fabulous load of books. The Hidden is on my list cannot wait for your review :D

  2. The Language of Flowers has definitely got me intrigued! It sounds like a fantastic read, hope you enjoy it.

    Awesome selection of books this week - hope you have room on your shelves for them all :)

  3. Awesome books! The Language of Flowers is soo pretty! And Velvet looks really great.
    Happy reading!

  4. Nice selection. I look forward to your reviews.

  5. So may awesome books about at the will you know where to start!

  6. Awesome mailbox! I'm reading Misfit now, and it's good! Can't wait to see what you think of all of these! Enjoy!

  7. yes I missed you!! I hope your next holiday is better!! :(
    The Blackhope Enigma is amazing and I got the Crimson Shard too... I cant wait to read it! I really want to read the Jessica Verday series too, I may have to scrool back on your blog and see what you thought of the other two as I must have missed your reviews of them!
    I hope you enjoy all of your books! :D X

  8. You got so many awesome books this week! Misfit looks really good, I can't wait to get a chance to read it. I've heard good things about Glow too! I hope that you enjoy your new books!


  9. So many great books! :D

    I keep seeing Abandon popping up everywhere! I really want to read that one at some point.

  10. Missed you in blog-land.
    Those are some great books! Enjoy.

  11. Wow, amazing books this week - I'll join in the squeeing for Abandon, happy reading :D

  12. Um, can I just say I am insanely jealous of your inbox?

    It seems you refound your blogging mojo after the vacation :)

  13. Wow! I've heard The Language of Flowers is excellent!

  14. glow and misfit looks awesome! great collection of books this week. enjoy them all and happy reading :)

    Visit my IMM this week.


  15. What a fabulous pile of books! I'm slightly jealous lol :)

    Enjoy them all!

    Check out my IMM here

  16. Awesome week! Dark Inside sounds fab! As do the rest:)

    Hope you enjoy:)

  17. Great set! I love the cover for After Obsession. Shimmer and Radiance sound great.
    My IMM

  18. You got a nice list of books this week in your mailbox.
    I hope you like your new books,
    Book Sniffers Anonymous

  19. Glow is in my TBR pile! nice list!

    Check out Sash's IMM!
    Also check out our GREAT giveaways!

  20. So good to see you back in Blogland! Sorry the weather was miserable but I'm assuming you got a lot of reading done at least? :)

    Look at all those series books you've got! Enjoy them and tell us more about them.

  21. Welcome back! Great list of books. Enjoy!

  22. wow, you really made out like a bandit! it was totally PANTS over here this week. empty mailbox, empty heart. lol. i'm hopeful that next week will bring two books i'm waiting (impatiently) on...

  23. Welcome back :D Oh my, what great books you have received in your mailbox!


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