Wednesday 7 September 2011

The Passage Readalong - Co hosting with The Book Memoirs

If you are looking for the main post for The Passage Read along then you need to head over to THE BOOK MEMOIRS.  Please head there to link any posts you may have done. If not, just join in and let us know what you think. Here is my quick update on Week 3 of the Passage Read along. Please be warned -  THIS POST DOES CONTAIN SPOILERS!

Events in the story this week

The more I travel into this book, the more I feel like I am reading more that one book. Within  this third section, the book took a completely new and unexpected turn into an entirely different story. 
As I read through Chapter 11, I discovered what they were actually going to do with the vampire creatures they had created. They were to be used in war fare as a form of weapon. However, you can only use weapons if you have control over them and it is quickly obvious that they have absolutely no control over any of them. The creatures are secretly communicating via thought with each other as well as taking over the minds of the staff looking after them. I knew then that something huge was about to happen.
In the following chapters, all hell breaks loose. Practically anything that breathed was murdered by the creatures as they escape the complex with ease. This marks the end of life as we know it. Wolfgast and Amy have been reunited and manage to escape the complex with the help of his buddy Doyle and Lacey, the nun who had looked after Amy earlier on in the book.  Through their belief in God, Doyle and Lacey had listened to the voices in their head which brought them together  to Amy's rescue. 
Wolfganst quickly escapes and returns to a childhood campsite completely cut off from civilization, where he spends the next year keeping her safe, whilst the world reaches Armageddon status and nuclear intervention is required.  As described in one sentence on Page 300 in the book ' The world, the human race - has been overcome by events,' that says it all!
We then jump many years into the future to relive the events in a diary format of an old woman who is reliving the events that occurred which resulted in her evacuation from her home, alone without her family to a new life in a contained commune, as the rest of the world is eaten and poisoned by the vampires. One voice, the only one left from the time of evacuation retells how harsh life became and why she was moved to this new community as one of the chosen few.  
The community now completely exist as a dystopian style society without any intervention from the outside world. 

My thoughts.

What the .......!

 I am surprised and shocked by the novel's turn of events. I never thought I would find myself reading about a new society concealed away from the dying world. This new turn in the story reminded me heavily of a children's book called 'The City of Ember' by Jeanne DuPrau.  Her society have been sealed underground away from the dangers of the outside world and left for many years. I am not sure if I like the feel of the book as it is beginning to resemble a  selection of books put together as one. 
I really struggled with this change of storyline and was left wondering where exactly the book would go next. I am still enjoying reading it, just a little dazed by events. 
I love the diversity of the chapters as the book moves through historical diary entrants,  to documents of law. It really gave the book a dimensional feel. 
I was sorry to see the loss of Wolfganst and I was worried for Amy's safety. She  just wondered off when she realised Wolfganst was dying and you cannot help but wonder what has happened to her. 
Now I was well aware that Amy has been injected with the same serum that turned the other men to vampires, so I was left wondering why she hasn't changed into a creature similar to them. I know she couldn't cope in sunlight, but as of yet she hasn't eaten anyone for dinner.

I wonder where the book will lead me next week!


  1. I just skimmed some of this because I have fallen behind! I don't think that this was the best book to listen to on audio book - It needs more attention.

    I just wanted to say thank you for The book!! It arrived :D and I'm going to start reading it rather than listening to it for a while.

    I'm still enjoying this book but I really do think it could be done with some chapters shortened.

  2. I agree with you there. Some of them are extremely long. Glad the book got there safe and sound.

  3. I read this the day it was first released. I bought it on ebook and have been meaning to buy a physical copy. LOL the only thing I remember about the book was that it was really slow through the middle of it. Might have to reread it.

  4. Kathy - Eeep! Really? Oh the middle bit is going to be a slow journey.

  5. This book is huge, I think by the sounds of things they could have cut it down a bit. x


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