Sunday 30 October 2011

IMM (17)

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Picked up at the HarperCollins event.

Department 19 by Will Hill
Wuthering Tights by Louise Rennison
The Raven's Knot by Robin Jarvis
The Woven Path by Robin Jarvis
Muse by Rebecca Lim
Slide by Jill Hathaway
Ash Mistry and the Savage Fortress by Sarwat Chadda
The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson

 Bought/Gifted/Won/ Swapped

The Decision by Penny Vincenzi - Won at Tesco blog
The Undrowned Child - Swapped on ReaditSwapit
Blood Ties by Sophie McKenzie - Swapped on ReaditSwapit
Blood by KJ Wignall - Gifted from Foyles at Cassandra Clare event
Love. Inc - Gifted from Foyles at Cassandra Clare event
Something From Tiffany's - Bought
Fire by Kirsten  Cashore  - Swapped on ReaditSwapit.
The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater - Gifted by the lovely Emma at Bookangel Booktopia
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne - Gifted by the lovely Emma at Bookangel Booktopia
Looking for Andrew McCarthy by Jenny Colgan - Swapped on ReaditSwapit


Tiger's Voyage by Colleen Houck - thanks Hodder
The Lost Angels Avenger's Angel by Heather Killough-Walden - thanks Headline
Advent by James Treadwell - thanks Hodder and Stoughton 
The Double Shadow by Sally Gardner - thanks Indigo
Opal Moonbaby by Maudie Smith - thanks Orion
One Minute to Midnight by Amy Silver - thanks Arrow

Phew! This is what happens when I leave this post a few weeks! What would you read first?


  1. Awesome stuff this week! I'm dying to get my hands on Name of the Star! It sounds awesome! Fire was a really great book too, so I hope you enjoy it!

    My IMM

  2. Wow, what a great haul, Vivienne :)

    I recently bought The Name of the Star on audio, I hope we'll both like it.

  3. Of those I've only read Withering Tights (reading group girls also loved it) and Blood Ties. I'm currently listening to the sequel to BT, Blood Ransom. BT is really exciting.

  4. Ash Mistry: soooo wanna read this! fab IMM

  5. Fantastic selection this week!
    I keep looking at Name of the Star. I hope you enjoy it :)

    Happy reading!

  6. name of the star sounds good and withering tights, and fire.

    Love your header by the way.

  7. Oooh. So many good looking ones. Was only reading up about The Lost Angels Avenger's Angel last night.

  8. I have Name of the Star sitting on my TBR bookcase just calling my name! Happy reading :)

    Here's the link to my imm...

  9. That cover of MUSE is so so lovely! It’s beautiful.

    Looks like you got so many great books so I hope you have an amazing time reading them!

    Happy reading. Check out what I got in my IMM here:

  10. OH wow excellent haul this week! Name of the Star is really good! Hope you enjoy them! :)

    Xpresso Reads

  11. Wuthering Tights looks so cute! Oh, and you got Fire! Nice list.
    In My Mailbox at FABR

  12. I am intrigued by "ReadItSwapIt", gonna have to take a look!

  13. I'm reading Avenger's Angel right now! I'm enjoying it so far =)

    MY IMM:
    Hope you're having an excellent weekend!
    -Wendy from A Cupcake and a Latte: YA Reviews

  14. so many great books viv! enjoy them. I've had my eye on Wuthering Tights.

  15. The Name of The Star is awesome! And I really want Slide! But the UK cover freaks me out... Awesome mailbox!

  16. Awesome haul! I was at the Cassandra Clare Foyles event too. The Name of the Star looks great and I keep hearing good things about it.

    My IMM is here if you'd like a look :)

  17. Woah amazing IMM this week, Viv!

    I want to look up Blood Ties. I've seen a lot about Sophie McKenzie's books.

  18. So many great books this week-- I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of The Name of the Stars and Louise Rennison is one of my favorite authors :) I didn't know Chadda had a new book coming out! The things you learn will reading IMM :) Happy reading!

  19. I looooove Fire and The Scorpio Races!!! Great set! Hope you enjoy!!

    This week In My Mailbox
    ~Jess @ Gone with the Words

  20. You got a lot of really awesome books this week. :) I've been hearing quite a bit about Slide.

    Here is my IMM for this week: IMM(5)

  21. Awesome books this week! I can not wait to read The Name of the Star and I loved Blood! I hope that you enjoy your new books!

    Ladybug Storytime

  22. wow, so many good books in there - The Name of the Star is just beautiful (though it sounds quite weird saying that considering what it's about but there you go :D) and Slide sounds amazing, happy reading :D

  23. Look at all of those books! I loved Fire and enjoyed Name of the Star as well. Here's what I got this week. Happy reading!

  24. Great books!
    I SO want Slide!!!!!
    Sounds amazing =)
    I really liked Sophie McKenzie's Girl Missing and Sister Missing so will need to try Blood Ties

  25. Wow, what a week! Out of all those books, the cover of Withering Tights stands out to me.

  26. aw so many books this week! Slide looks really good. Is that the UK cover? Heard good things about The Name the of Star...Really good for Halloween 2... Jack the Ripper! lol

    Happy Reading!

  27. Wow, that is a lot of books! I love the cover on Fire!

  28. WOW! this is an awesome mailbox, Slide, Blood, Love Inc... Im jealous! I hope you enjoy all your books Viv!

  29. The name of the star is really good, my imm is up as well.

  30. Do you know what? I love your font. Love your books, too, but I love your font. Great selection this week! Here's mine.

  31. Ooh, Name of the Star! I really want to read that! I was in Waterstone's yesterday and noticed that it's 1/3 off in there at the moment, but I'm on a self-imposed book buying ban until I've read a few more of the partly-read books I've got at home :( So NotS will have to wait.

    I love when I find other UK book bloggers through IMM :) New follower here!

    If you like, you can see my IMM here: The Book Bundle


  32. I'm looking forward to reading Maureen Johnson's book :) Enjoy.


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