Thursday 24 November 2011

Bookangel Emma's Fantasy Thanksgiving Dinner Party

Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers. We thought we would celebrate a little with you over here in Good Old Blighty. One of my bestest blogging buddies and ace personal researcher, Emma from Bookangel Booktopia, has written me a lovely post about who she would invite to her fantasy Thanksgiving dinner party. If you haven't visited Emma's blog, then I strongly suggest that you do as she is a fabulous blogger and a good  friend.  Over to you Emma. 

It always astounds me when I get asked to do guest posts. Why you ask? Well I will tell you, it’s because I am ordinary, a run of the mill mum of 3 who happens to be a bit book obsessed. Lucky enough to get to work with that obsession daily and talk about it constantly whether in the school library or on twitter (which by the way is another obsession). So why on earth would I be asked to guest post??
Anyway, I am spamming the guest post position today and it all started with Viv. Viv came up with an amazing idea of hosting Fantasy Dinner Parties where we could invite anyone we wanted, real, fictional, alive or dead. But people we would really like to meet. See she really does come up with the most amazing ideas. So that’s where it started the guest list. Then I got asked to do a food post for The Emancipation of Pewter Wolf and me being me decided wow lets tie the 2 together, guest list on Serendipity Reviews and The Menu on The Emancipation of Pewter Wolf. Again me being me and I don’t do anything by halves, I have been meaning to do a guest post for the lovely Raimy at Readaraptor for Dream Bookish Destinations, so hey presto, a post about the venue for the Fantasy Dinner Party and why not tie it all into Thanksgiving because I am super thankful to be part of this wonderful blogging community. I did warn you I would be spamming the blogosphere today.
Onto the guest list, again not to do anything by halves – Dinner will be included but the word PARTY is where it really happened for me. I couldn’t possible pick a few people so to start I am going to invite all of the fabulous Book Bloggers that have shown me such wonderful support and been a shoulder in the small hours of the night through a very tough year. Alongside all the fabulous publishers that take the time to talk to me, send me such wonderful books and don’t mind me squeeing over books like the completely obsessed person I am.
Firstly I will be hanging out with the hostess with the mostest, Viv, reminiscing about our teens along with Keris Stainton and Luisa Plaja, they keep telling me they are the same age but pfftt I don’t believe them.
I will be hugging my blogging buddies while meandering around the room trying not to get distracted *oh a squirrel* I would have to invite Alyxandra Harvey and Joss Stirling just to be in total awe and try to get the details of what’s going to happen in The Drakes and The Benedict’s respectively. I honestly do not know how these ladies deliver such amazing books time after time. I would love to know what goes on in their heads. Speaking of Alyxandra Harvey I would love to invite Violet from Haunting Violet to give a reading at the party. How awesome would that be.
Then I got to thinking of other books I had read with amazing characters in for parties. Having just finished The Serpents Coil by Christy Raedeke the second book (and final) in The Prophecy of Days series I thought inviting Mr Papers to the party would be great fun. An origami folding monkey to make carefully crafted, individual origami pieces for the guests. I know what you are thinking SQUEEEE.

Then I got to thinking what other great stuff could be done by the guests for the other guests. I recently finished The Hollow Series by Jessica Verday (I owe Viv a review of the last book shhh it is in the *virtual* mail) but wouldn’t it be brilliant if w also invited Abbey to make individual perfumes for the guests. I know HEAVEN.
I could really go on and on but will leave the party full of fabulous Authors, Bloggers, Publishers to be entertained by the origami folding monkey, have their fortunes told by Violet and a perfume made by Abbey.

What a brilliant party even if I do say so myself. *DREAMS*

And still I see no book review! Sigh. 
Fabulous dinner party Emma, I am so glad I got invited too and got to sit with such fabulous company. If you would like to create a dinner party post too, then please either send me an email or a tweet. 
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 


  1. Thank you for letting me do this fabulous idea of yours. You a re far too kind to me <3

  2. Brilliant post - and thank you very much for including me, Emma! I am THERE!

  3. What a fab idea and an equally fab post. I am honoured to be included, sounds like one heck of a party :)

  4. Ooh what a great sounding party, I now find myself wondering who I would invite.

  5. Emma - thank you for writing it. I am so glad I got invited too.

    Luisa - If only we could really do this.

    Keris - I see lots of wine being consumed.

    Petty Witter - You are more than welcome to write me a guest post.

  6. Excellent post, what a brilliant dinner table that would be!

  7. This would be the party to end all parties! If only we could really make it happen :o)

  8. well now, that sounds like fun!! :)

  9. I do want to but her post made me scared, it is so long and awesome. I fear mine would be much shorter

  10. that sounds like fun!! :)really funn

  11. Happy Thanksgiving. This was a fun post :)

  12. Thank you all for your lovely comments. Squueee Alyxandra Harvey, Luisa Plaja & Keris Stainton in the comments *faints*

  13. Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes; we had a special day.

    Hope all is well for you and your family Viv. Hard to believe the end of 2011 isn't far away.

  14. Brilliant post, I'd love to be a fly n the wall at this dinner party! Sounds exciting!


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