Wednesday 14 December 2011

Fracture by Megan Miranda

Pages - 264
Published on the 5th January 2012

'The first time I died, I didn't see God. 
No light at the end of the tunnel. No haloed angels. No dead grandparents.
To be fair, I probably wasn't a solid shoo-in for Heaven. 
But honestly, I kind of assumed I'd made the cut.
I didn't see any fire or brimstone, either.
Note even an endless darkness. Nothing.'

Goodreads Summary
By the time Delaney Maxwell was pulled from a Maine lake’s icy waters by her best friend, Decker Phillips, her heart had stopped beating. Her brain had stopped working. She was dead. 

But somehow Delaney survived—despite the brain scans that show irreparable damage. Everyone wants Delaney to be fine, but she knows she’s far from normal. Pulled by strange sensations she can’t control or explain, Delaney now finds herself drawn to the dying, and when she meets Troy Varga, a boy who recently emerged from a coma with the same abilities, she is relieved to share this strange new existence. Unsure if her altered brain is predicting death or causing it, Delaney must figure out if their gift is a miracle, a freak of nature—or something else much more frightening….
This book just jumps right into the action and for the first few minutes you find yourself holding your breath as you wait for Delaney to start breathing again. Eleven minutes without oxygen! That is a long time.  Yet Delaney defies medicine by surviving. You would think that would be a good thing, but Delaney's life just seems to spiral out of control as she tries to return to normality. No one will really let her be herself; her parents treat her like china, her friends treat her like a trophy and well Troy just seems to want to possess her.
Firstly I have to talk about Decker. He is definitely a contender for the best boy in YA fiction.  The way he feels about Delaney will have you swooning. He would walk on water for her and it takes her for ever to realise.  He is simply gorgeous.
Troy is really really creepy - talk about stalkerish! He had me freaked from his first appearance, yet Delaney just couldn't see it. I think my extra sensory weirdo radar must have been turned to high, because he sent shivers of fear down my spine. He really is the grim reaper is disguise. I could imagine him eventually turning up in the book, as a character similar to Jonny from The Shining. 
Delaney's mother truly annoyed me. Talk about in denial. She wasn't there for her daughter. I can understand that she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, but I wanted to shake her so that she could see what she was doing to her daughter. 
The book is told in first person by Delaney and you get a real sense of how she is coping with the situation. She really is lonely and yet she is a walking miracle in the eyes of others. Yet she just views herself as a freak; the walking dead who can now sense near deaths at fifty paces. 
This book is poignant and will inevitably make you think about death. It will make you want to cease the day and do something differently. You will wake up the morning after you finish reading this book and question how you should spend the day.  This book teaches you to live with the hand that fate dealt you and learn to come to terms with your true destiny. 
This really was a promising debut with an intriguing story line that grips you completely. This book will make you think and leave you with questions. 

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  1. I really like the sound of this one, will look out for it in the new year!

  2. You liked the guy? I'm starting this one ASAP!! I was hesitant because I thought this one would be TOO serious!

    Krazyyme @ Young Readers

  3. Great review, this sounds like an intriguing read.

  4. What an eerie opening paragraph. Sounds like a good read to me, thanks for your review.

  5. This one sounds different, and I do like the sound of that. There are so many generic YA books out there

  6. This book sounds like something I'm going to love. Thanks so much for this review it's at the top of my to be read pile!

  7. I absolutely adored this book and really enjoyed reading your review. I agree with you completely about Decker and I loved the way Megan Miranda wrote the relationship between him and Delaney.

    I wanted to pick it up and start reading it again as soon as I'd finished!

  8. This is high on my tbr list. Good review makes me want to bump it up


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