Monday 13 February 2012

Welcome To Alaska!

Are you all wrapped up?
Have you packed your thermals?
Don't forget your hat and gloves? 
Then hop into the Winnebago as we head off for Alaska for a week of virtual travel.

I have lots of lovely things planned for this week so I hope you will be happy to accompany me on my travels. There will be a couple of posts a day, but do feel free to just pop in when you can. I will leave the door on the latch, but do make sure you shut it as we may all freeze otherwise.

I have really enjoyed preparing this week for you and I have learnt a lot about Alaska, so I do hope you get something out of this too.

Pop back in an hour for the first Alaskan review of the week.


  1. Oooh, I can't wait :) I actually have relatives in Alaska but I've never been there.

  2. I'm really looking forward to this week, I'm all wrapped up and ready to explore :)


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