Saturday 14 April 2012

Publishers On Facebook.

In the last few months I have noticed a lot of my favourite publishers springing up on Facebook. Some of you may think this is a stupid idea, but personally I think it is a brilliant. With the publishers now represented on this social media site, we get to see new covers as they appear, we get to learn about all the future publications coming out, forthcoming social events and on top of all that they run some fabulous competitions.

So here are some useful links to Facebook pages of some excellent YA publishers as well as adult publishers. Click on the picture to take you through to the their pages.

Fierce Fiction is the FB page for Orion's YA books brought out by their imprints Gollancz and Indigo. To find out more about authors such as Annabel Pitcher, Marcus Sedgwick and Cliff McNish, then pop over to this page. 

Fiercebook is the FB page for Random House Children's Books and presently has Starters up as it's Profile Picture. If you like Christopher Paolini, Lauren Kate or Luisa Plaja, then this is the  page for you. 

Hooked on Books is the main page for the YA books from Bloomsbury Publishing. For more information about Celia Rees, Mary Hooper and Lee Nicholls, please visit this site. 

Mira Ink are the YA imprint of Harlequin bringing us some international authors such as Julia Kagawa, Amy Carter and Rachel Vincent. 
Abrams and Chroncle books are probably more well known in the US than they are in the UK, but they do have a presence over here which is steadily growing. They have published some brilliant books in the UK recently such as Struts and Frets as well as The Storyteller. 

This is quite a recent follow for me, so I don't know a lot of the authors represented. However I do know that Keren David can be found here. 

The Simon and Schuster FB page represents the whole company, so you get a huge choice of articles and books to read about ranging from children's books up to adults. 

I believe this page alos incorporates Orchard books. You can find details about Keris Stainton, Ruth Warburton and Ally Carter here. 
As the company likes to refer to itself, 'small but perfectly formed'.  Here you will find authors such as Christopher Edge and Colin Mulhern. 
Chicken House also have a fantastic FB page. Here you will find Pat Walsh, Cornelia Funke and Sophia Bennett.

Headline have a Facebook page but it represents the whole company rather than just the YA fiction. 
Atom Books are also represented on Facebook. To find out latest news about Stephanie Meyer and Melissa de La Cruz, then please visit this page.
Piatkus are also there. This is where you will find news about Carolyn Jesse-Cooke, Nora Roberts and Rosamund Lipton. 

So there you are. Just a few of the publishers represented on Facebook. Please do check out their pages and 'LIKE' them. If you know of any I might have forgotten, please share them in the comments below the post. 


  1. Thanks for this, Viv! I didn't know about a couple of these! :)

  2. Thanks for the information, I love the logo of Catnip Publishing.

  3. Thanks Viv - lots I didn't know! FB is fab for photos etc and sometimes I miss tweets so hoping to be able to keep up with everything better!

  4. Vivienne, Facebook is almost a requirement now in many fields and professions. Even my dental office has a Facebook page! :D


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