Tuesday 5 June 2012

L.A Candy by Lauren Conrad

Pages 326
Published by HarperCollins on June 2009

Janie Roberts leaned against her dresser, studying the way her white silk nightie looked against her sun-kissed skin. Her loose blond curls cascaded softly over her shoulders as she pretended not to be interested in the guy in her bed.

Goodreads Summary
In L.A. CANDY, nineteen-year-old Jane Roberts moves to L.A. and unexpectedly becomes the star of a reality T.V. show. With fame comes wealth, hot clothes and even hotter love interests -- and Jane′s lapping it all up with her eclectic entourage of pals who are always up for a wild night out and the chance to get a piece of her spotlight. But soon Jane realises everyone wants something from her, and nothing is what it seems to be.
I am extremely sceptical about whether Lauren Conrad actually wrote this book. I can smell the distinct whiff of a ghost writer, because the story is really enjoyable and well written. Knowing that Lauren Conrad was a reality TV star herself who moved from Laguna Beach to L.A, I can't help but imagine the story is based on aspects of her real life, although she has always denied it and I  would probably hazard a guess at her heavy involvement in the story process, helping to developing the story idea. But whether or not she actually wrote it, I really don't know. Having said that, I did really like this book. It was an easy read, with a page turning quality where I found myself whizzing through the pages rather  quickly. It reminded of the 80's bonk busting books by Jackie Collins but without all the sex. 
 I wasn't surprised that this book hit the New York Times Bestseller list, as I could envisage young tweenies practically hyperventilating at the thought of the story. Isn't it nearly  every young girl's dream to go to L.A. and become instantly famous? It was most certainly mine at that age, and I found myself tingling with excitement as I read the book.
Don't expect to see just the glamour and sparkle of Tinseltown; within this story, you also get to see the downside of fame in L.A. The way your life becomes public property and everyone wants to be your friend just because you are famous. I would hate to discover stories about my life being misconstrued and interpreted wrongly, so I found myself really connecting very easily with the main character Jane Roberts. She appeared quite innocent through out the book and very naive to the events occurring around her. 
I loved Braden! He is definitely a character I want to know more about. He oozed charisma and hotness! Scarlett was an interesting character as she struggled to live under the spot light - everything about he show seemed to go against her beliefs. Madison was a real bitch, definitely stepped straight out of the evil section of the Californian Who's Who. 
I think what I really loved about this book, was the setting. The author really brought the place alive, with descriptions of such holy destination as The Ivy and Melrose Avenue! I was in my element - these are places I can only dream of visiting. 
There are two other books in this series and after reading the first, I am really interested in reading the next, as the book ends on a bit of a cliff hanger.  I need to find out what happens next.  An excellent summer read, ideal for the beach and definitely one for those star struck teens. 


  1. Ive been kinda put off this one because of Lauren Conrad to be honest, and I'm not big on the whole star thing so I will probably give it a miss but this is a great review Viv! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. I've always thought these sounded like fun reads, but I've never gotten around to check them out.

    I've read interviews with LC where she's talked about her writing process and she insists that she writes these herself (but who knows, really!). I used to watch The Hills and Lauren was certainly no airhead compared to some of the other reality TV starlets in that show!

  3. I see that your california trip in the world of books is going well :D Surf's up

  4. Really interesting review, this one didn't appeal to me in the slightest but I think now that if I see it in the library I may pick it up and give it a go.

  5. I keep meaning to start this series. I have her spinoff book The Fame Game for review but want to read these first. Fab review.


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